Friday, September 17, 2021
scottish motorway at night| Scottish News

Important maintenance gets underway on the M77 Northbound

TRANSPORT Scotland are undertaking essential maintenance on the M77 northbound between the railway bridge and Junction two later this week. Work will be carried out between the hours of 8pm and 6am, each night, from...
Amazon river with boat| Uk and World

Dad releases book after taking his kids around the world

IAN Pilbeam decided when his kids were aged 7 and 9 that the time was right to take them out of school to travel the world.The families travels included climbing Machu Picchu, sailing down...
Glasgow - Scottish News

A tale of two lockdowns – Glasgow and Edinburgh facing very different restrictions

AS the restrictions in many parts of Scotland are easing, people are excited to get back to shopping and eating out.The people of Edinburgh and most of Scotland will be enjoying getting back to...
Albert Pearce on flight - Travel News UK

Savvy holidaymaker snaps up £20 return flights from UK to Portugal

A SAVVY holidaymaker has managed to book a last minute trip from London to Portugal for £20 return.The keen traveller had been keeping an eye out for flights to countries that were placed on...
Burnt cars after A933 Car Crash - Travel News Scotland

Scots car crash victim thanks electrician who saved her life by pulling her from...

A SCOTS car crash victim has thanked an electrician for saving her life after he raced to her rescue and pulled her from her flaming car - that exploded just moments later.Katelyn Ohren, an...
The handlers and dogs Orkney Native Wildlife Project - Nature News Scotland

Europe’s first stoat detection dogs arrive in Orkney

THREE specially trained conservation detection dogs are the most recent team members for a project to safeguard Orkney’s native wildlife.The trio will be using their sensitive noses to assist the world’s largest stoat eradication.The...
Glasgow-Dundee return train tickets - Scottish travel News

Scot discovers return flights to Malaga cheaper than Dundee to Glasgow train fare

A SAVING-SAVVY Scot has found return flights from Glasgow to Malaga that are cheaper than an off-peak round trip train ticket from Glasgow to Dundee.Tam Wilson posted about the cheap flight alternative on Twitter...
Tourism News Scotland

Hotel unveils major expansion which will create more than 80 jobs

A HOTEL chain has invested over £20 million in its Highland portfolio of hotels, lodges, and restaurants in Lochaber and Inverness-shire, creating more than 80 new jobs.Black Sheep Hotels has welcomed more than 1,250...
Cars - research News Scotland

Millions of unsafe cars could be retuning to UK roads as lockdown restrictions ease

Millions of potentially unsafe cars could be returning to the nation’s roads after one in five drivers delayed servicing their vehicles due to lockdown.Postponing the vital safety checks, which most manufacturers recommend take place...
Uig Hotel and Lodge - Research News Scotland

Scottish Highlands set for billion-pound boom from staycations

THEScottish Highlands  is set to welcome £1.135 billion worth of staycation business according to a new report.New research reveals that millions of Brits are planning ‘staycations’ in 2021 to the UK’s tourist hot spots.The...
Driver's car seized twice in two weeks | Traffic News UK

Relentless motorist with no licence, tax and MOT caught twice by cops within two...

A RELENTLESS motorist with no road tax, MOT and an expired licence has been caught by cops twice in the space of two weeks.Copeland Police in Cumbria first apprehended the driver on the 20th...
Vertical Car | Transport News UK

Shocking images show car completely vertical after colliding with tractor

SHOCKING images show how a VW car ended up completely vertical after colliding with a tractor.Red Watch and Barnstaple Fire and Rescue Service’s on-call crews attended the crash in Landkey, Devon last week.The Fire and...
Edinburgh castle Tourism News Scotland

Honours of Scotland on display once again as tourist attractions reopen

THE Honours of Scotland are set to go on public display again as the lockdown restrictions ease.The Honours, which includes the Crown and Sceptre of Scotland, were first used to crown Mary, Queen of...
Stirling Old Town Jail - Tourism News Scotland

Scottish tourists line up to be “locked in” prison after lockdown

A SCOTTISH tourist  destination is preparing to reopen to visitors after months of lockdown. Stirling Old Town Jail has benefited from investment to transform the visitor experience, as well as tales from ‘The Tollbooth’. The...
Medicine - Research News Scotland

Funding awarded to help researchers find a potential cure for malaria

RESEARCHERS have been awarded funding to identify compounds that could help create a single-dose treatment for malaria. The University of Dundee's Drug Discovery Unit (DDU), will utilise  funding to support the development of a compound series that...
Horse Airbnb | Property News

Unique Airbnb listing allows visitors to share their stay with a miniature horse

A UNIQUE Airbnb in the grounds of a 17th century manor has caught the attention of holidaymakers - because visitors get to share a roof with a miniature horse called Basil.Hilarious images show Basil...
Nature News Scotland

People Asked to ‘Care for the Environment’ When Visiting the Countryside

NATIONAL nature agencies have issued guidance to Scots enjoying the countryside as covid restrictions ease.Scotland's environment agencies asking people to follow three steps: ‘Care for the environment,’ ‘respect the interests of others,' and ‘be...
webster honey installed bee hives on the roof at Eden Lock - Food and Drink News Scotland

Edinburgh Hotel Checks In 20,000 Honey Making Guests

AN Edinburgh hotel has partnered with a Scottish honey-producing firm to put beehives on its roof with over 20,000 bees now taking up residency on the hotel.Eden Locke Hotel in George Street has partnered...
Woman spits on car | Transport News UK

Shocking video shows raging woman spitting at fellow motorist at red lights

SHOCKING video shows a raging woman spitting at a fellow road motorist after getting into an argument at a red light.A shocked truck driver captured the moment the vile woman got out of her...
Car in flat-bed trailer | Travel News UK

Shocking image shows Volvo strapped onto top of scrap filled flat-bed trailer

A SHOCKING image shows how an “idiotic” scrap dealer loaded a Volvo on top of a scrap filled flat-bed trailer.Northumbria Police pulled the ridiculously dangerous vehicle over near Holystone roundabout near Newcastle on Monday.The...
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