Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Cinema - Research news Scotland

Research has shown “audiences will return quickly” to cinemas in the UK.

NEW research being released this Friday shows that audiences’ appetite for film has not been dimmed during the pandemic. The BFI is confident that audiences will return quickly to cinemas across the country in May,...
Dog - Viral News

Government has created an action plan to help protect dogs from ear cropping

CAMPAIGNERS are celebrating today after the Government committed to taking action to curb the growing number of dogs with cropped ears being imported into Great Britain.Under new measures unveiled in the Action Plan for Animal...

Local care home hosts Spring Olympics to stir activity among its residents

A CARE home has hosted a ‘Spring Olympics’ event for its residents to fulfil their cravings for competition and activity.Organised by the care staff, the week-long series of competitions at Mansfield Care’s Pine Villa...
People pointing at a computer screen - UK news

ASOS advertisement found “misleading” by Advertising Standards Agency

ONLINE fashion retailer ASOS has been found to have a misleading promo offer which was found to breach two Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing (CAP Code) by the Advertising Standards Agency...
Swan nesting in litter filled river | Scottish News

Shocking images show nesting swan surrounded by plastic rubbish in Scots river

A SCOTS photographer has captured heartbreaking images of a nesting swan surrounded by masses of plastic rubbish. John Dyer snapped pictures of the shocking scene on Friday while he was out on a walk around Strathclyde...
The reused and painted mannequin makes a great table - Viral News Scotland

Scots teaching assistant goes viral with bespoke bum table

A SCOTS teaching assistant has gone viral for creating a bespoke bum shaped side table out of an old mannequin that she pulled out of a skip.Gillian Lindsay from Dumfries managed to nab the...
potential risk to dolphins due to unique fasting habits| Nature News Scotland

Potential risk to dolphins as their unique eating habits are explored

NEW research suggests that Dolphins could be at risk if their foraging opportunities are impacted due to man-made disturbances such as shipping, tourism and coastal development.Human-caused disturbance could result in the movement of prey...
Innovative inventions from Scottish universities praised - Scottish News

Scottish universities recognised for entrepreneurial excellence

INGENIOUS inventions from Scottish universities have made it through to the Converge 2021 semi-finals.The innovative developments from all of Scotland’s 18 universities have progressed to the next stage of the Converge programme.Director of Converge,...
Girlfriend baffled after spotting her boyfriend leaving lettuce leaves out to dry on draining rack - Viral News

Girlfriend baffled after spotting her boyfriend leaving lettuce leaves out to dry on draining...

A GIRLFRIEND has been left baffled after her boyfriend left their lettuce out to dry on a draining board.Issy Winfield was perplexed after walking into her kitchen to discover four single lettuce leaves sitting...
Outlander star Sam Heughan reveals he always has an emergency flask of whisky on him - Scottish News

Outlander star Sam Heughan reveals he always has an emergency flask of whisky on...

OUTLANDER star Sam Heughan has revealed he always has a constant stash of whisky on him - with flasks that are specially built to fit his body.The Scottish heartthrob was outed by his co-star...
New study launching in Scotland to understand long-term side effects of Covid-19 - Scottish News

Scottish University announces launch of Long Covid research

A NEW study is launching in Scotland which seeks to understand the long-term effects of Covid-19.The research is being led by the University of Glasgow, along with Public Health Scotland and NHS Scotland and...
Birling Gap Cliff at risk of collapse | UK News

Coastguard warning urges “selfie culture” walkers to stay clear from cliff edge

COASTGUARDS have issued a warning urging "selfie culture" walkers to stay away from a cliff edge as shocking images show how the rocks have eroded.The Birling Gap Coastguard has urged the public to stay...
Josh Taylor reveals boxer Ken Buchanan came to his parents' house for tea after becoming world champ - Scottish News

Josh Taylor reveals boxing legend Ken Buchanan came to tea after becoming world champ

SCOTS BOXER Josh Taylor has revealed that boxing legend Ken Buchanan came round to his mum and dad's house for tea after he became world champion.Prestonpans-born Josh said on a documentary last night that...
Job scams| Research News Scotland

Job scams at an all-time high during the pandemic

RESEARCH conducted by Disclosure Scotland (DS) indicates that Nearly three in four job seekers (74%) who applied for jobs last month were affected by fake listings. Information provided through fraudulent job adverts can be used...
Moth - Nature News Scotland

New report shows moth numbers have almost halved since 1990

Moth numbers in Scotland have continued to decline over the long term, but their distribution has increased.The latest Scottish Biodiversity Indicator shows that moth abundance has almost halved, falling 46% between 1990 and 2018...
Dolphin swimming - Nature News Scotland

Epic swim for Scotland’s sea animals kicks off “summer of endurance”

SUCCESSFULLY completing a swim from the Isle of Mull to Oban on the evening of Friday 7 May was just the start of a ‘summer of endurance’ for a man who is raising funds...
cyber attacks on voluntary organisations are on the rise| Business news Scotland

Scottish charity sector to receive help with cyber attacks

WITH cyber attacks on the voluntary sector increasing, the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) is hoping to strengthen its response to these crimes.The SBRC have appointed Alison Stone as Cyber Resilience Co-ordinator for the...
War engine - Scottish News

Second world war engine spends its 80th anniversary at a Scottish museum

MAY 10 2021 marks the 80th anniversary of a key moment in the history of an unusual object on display at a flight museum.On 10 May 1941, a plane flown by the deputy leader of...
Cars - research News Scotland

Millions of unsafe cars could be retuning to UK roads as lockdown restrictions ease

Millions of potentially unsafe cars could be returning to the nation’s roads after one in five drivers delayed servicing their vehicles due to lockdown.Postponing the vital safety checks, which most manufacturers recommend take place...
Dopey stoner leaves bag full of cannabis at a charity shop collection point - Police News UK

Dopey stoner leaves black bag full of cannabis at charity shop collection point instead...

A DOPEY stoner has left a black bin bag full of cannabis at a charity shop collection point instead of unwanted clothing.The packed bin liner was dropped at a charity collection bin in Lee-on-the-Solent,...
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