Saturday, September 18, 2021
Professor John Travers, Heriot-Watt University uses a laser in the lab. Credit_ Heriot-Watt University - Research News Scotland

Research partnership aims to commercialise advanced laser technology

A NEW research partnership could see the advancement of laser technologies that may lead to the improvement of electronic and healthcare equipment.Academics from Heriot-Watt University are partnering with ASML, a major international supplier to...
UoD - School of Medicine - Education News Scotland

Dundee researchers among world’s most influential

UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE  researchers have been named on a “who’s who” list of the world’s most influential academics.Four experts from the University’s School of Life Sciences, and a further two from the School of...
Families waste 6 years boiling brussel sprouts this Christmas - Business News UK

Families waste a total of six years waiting for Brussel Sprouts to boil according...

FAMILIES will waste a total of six years waiting for Brussel Sprouts to boil this Christmas according to a new analysis. Intu Evolution calculated the standard time it takes to boil a standard 20 cm...
Coronavirus - Health News Scotland

Symptoms of long-Covid “like ME” find researchers

RESEARCHERS have discovered strong links between long Covid symptoms and those experience by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). sufferers.The effects of long Covid are now being realised around the world as around 10% of people who...

Zombies would fear Glasgow more than any other UK city, according to a survey.

SCOTTISH city Glasgow has been voted the place in the UK zombies would be most afraid of in the UK, according to a poll.The survey was commissioned by gaming publisher Outright Games to...
A shop full with vegetables - Research News UK

New research suggests Vegans save more time and money than meat eaters

VEGANS meals are said to cost less than those who eat meat and fish according to a new study.The new study found that plant based meals cost 40% less than their meat counterparts as...
Robotic arm used in pioneerign experiment

University of Glasgow students lead one of the UK’s first demonstrations using robot remote...

STUDENTS from the University of Glasgow are believed to have made one of the first demonstrations in the UK using robots to conduct experiments remotely via a 5G network.Students managed to assemble and measure...
Dr Neil Kirk, from Abertay University - Research News Scotland

£15,000 laboratory launched to study Dundee dialect

AN ONLINE laboratory has been launched looking to explore how dialect and laguage get stored in the brain, with a focus on Dundee brogue.Dr Neil Kirk, from Abertay University’s Division of Psychology and Forensic...
Loch - Research News Scotland

At-risk species of freshwater fish reintroduced to Scotland’s lochs

AN AT-RISK species of fish has established itself in lochs across Scotland with the help of conservation managers.By rapidly adapting to its new environment, they will have changes to their DNA, their ecology, and body shape, according to a new study.In...
Kibosh Ltd - Business News Scotland

Scottish inventor backed by “biggest” energy sector to develop his idea

A SCOTTISH plumber turned inventor and entrepreneur has secured the backing of the world’s biggest energy sector companies to develop his unique pipe repair solutions.Kibosh Ltd, which has patented a range of clamps that can...
music - Entertainment News Scotland (1)

Data reveals what the world listened to whilst on the loo

As we all became more accustomed to spending time in our homes over the last 12 months, data found out what the most popular songs and artists are for when the bathroom door is...
Young woman opening box with lamp at home

Direct to consumer sales set to boost Scottish economy by £2.5bn

NEW financial research shows the Scotland is set to have a £2.5bn boost due to a boom in manufacturers selling direct to consumer (D2C).The report shows that a surge in Scottish shoppers going direct...
windmills - Research News Scotland

A robotics company receives funding to expand research into new sectors

Using robots to make offshore infrastructure inspection and repair safer is moving a step closer following the injection of £2.5 million of further funding.Founded in 2017 and led by Heriot-Watt and the University of...
robot chemist - Research News Scotland

Robot chemist offers insight into the origins of life

A ROBOTIC ‘evolution machine’ capable of exploring the generational development of chemical mixtures over long periods of time could help cast new light on the origins of life, scientists say.A team of researchers from...
Photo of stocks - Business News Scotland

RAB-Microfluidics secures £1.24m investment round led by Eos Advisory

A SCOTTISH research and development company has secured over £1m in its latest investment round.Aberdeen based RAB-Microfluidics  secured 1.24m in finances  in their latest investment round led by EOS Advisory.The company  is now looking to ...
children playing

Poll shows nearly half of parents won’t vaccinate their child

CONCERNING figures from a recent poll conducted on Facebook by a childcare company have shown a large number of people do not plan to get vaccinated, or vaccinate their children.The poll conducted by
Lewis Hamilton - Research News Scotland

Instagram’s top earning British athletes have been revealed

Taking the top followed and top-performing British athletes from 15 sports, a team have calculated their Instagram earnings.According to the Sporting Superstars campaign from Essential Living and Influencer Marketing Hub, David Beckham has the...
Research News UK - Deadline News

Mining rocks in orbit could aid deep space exploration, new study suggests

The first mining experiments conducted in space could pave the way for new technologies to help humans explore and establish settlements on distant worlds, a study suggests. Tests performed by astronauts on the International Space...
research - Health News Scotland

Poorer health in most deprived areas may be linked to microbiomes in the gut

EARLIER onset of disease and ageing in the most deprived could be linked to gut health and poor diet.A new, study, led by the University of Glasgow and published in Scientific Reports, analysed the composition of microbes in the body and found...
A picture of coronavirus - Coronavirus News Scotland

New study to monitor safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines

A STUDY looking into to help understand people's experiences after being vaccinated for coronavirus is looking for volunteers.Thousands of volunteers are being requested by the VAC4COVID study, led by The University of Dundee.People are...
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