Friday, January 7, 2022
eagle catches goose

Stunning images show moment rare white-tailed eagle snares goose mid flight

INCREDIBLE images capture the moment a rare white-tailed eagle swoops in on a barnacle goose.The juvenile bird was snapped soaring above the skies of the Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides.Wildlife tour guide Stephen...
Smarter Grid Solutions partenrs with National Grid to save £250m - Business NEws UK

National Grids partners up with Smarter Grid Solutions to save £250m in move towards...

UK NETWORK providers have partnered up with Smarter Grid Solutions in a ground-breaking project to save over £250m.National Grid Electricity System Operator and Electricity North West to help free up more than 2GW (GigaWatts) ...

Lives of beavers in Scotland set to be saved after crowdfund

COURT action to stop the killing of wild beavers in Scotland will go ahead following a successful crowdfunding appeal.Trees for Life have raised almost £60,000 – well above their £40,000 target - to fund...
Underground rapper MF DOOM posthumously enters iTunes charts after passing away - Entertainment News

Underground rapper MF DOOM achieves posthumous success on rap charts days after announcement of...

AN UNDERGROUND rapper whose death was announced just days ago has achieved posthumous success with five albums in the top ten of the iTunes charts.Rapper MF DOOM, real name Daniel Dumile, passed away on...
Humpback whales Kershaw - Research News Scotland

Humpback whales impacted by climate change

CLIMATE change is impacting the breeding success of humpback whales in the Gulf of St Lawrence a new study has shown.The new research, led by the University of St Andrews found that the number...

2021 ‘A big year for nature’ according to NatureScot

A NEW report reveals progress made to tackle biodiversity loss in Scotland and the challenges ahead.NatureScot has published its Biodiversity Duty Report 2018-2020, detailing the work done in recent years to tackle nature loss.Achievements...
A photo of a Highland Cow - Environment News Scotland

Scottish Government to protect 30% of Scottish land by 2030

THE Scottish Government has proposed to tackle biodiversity loss by planning to protect 30% of its land for nature by 2030.The plans were announced by Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham being published in a new...
Number of wintering waterbirds increased in Scotland - Nature News Scotland

Wintering waterbirds on the increase

Numbers of wintering waterbirds in Scotland have increased overall but some species, particularly waders, are being affected by our changing climate.NatureScot’s latest Biodiversity Indicator monitors the populations of 41 species including wildfowl, waders, cormorant,...
Unexploded WW2 bomb - Environmental News

Locals on Isle of Wight find 1ft long unexploded WW2 bomb

AN UNEXPLODED World War Two bomb has been discovered by locals on the Isle of Wight.Bomb disposal experts were deployed to the B3323 in Shorwell, after police arrived and identified the dangerous device.Police were...
Squirrel dancing with twig - Nature

Joiner snaps comical photos of squirrel “doing the tango” with curvaceous twig shaped like...

HILARIOUS photos show a red squirrel about to "do the tango" with a moss covered stick "shaped like a woman."The comical snaps were taken by amateur photographer Mike Fenton, 55, and show the rodent...
Johnnie Walker saplings - Business News Scotland

Johnnie Walker to plant one million trees across Scotland

ONE million trees are to be planted across the country by Scotch whisky distillers Johnnie Walker.The initiative will span the country and hopes to see the saplings bedded in before 2025. The announcement comes as...

Scotland set for boom in nature-based jobs

 SCOTS could be taking on nature-based jobs to help secure a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report.NatureScot’s analysis of nature-based roles across Scotland shows that they already contribute 195,000...
Gasification Plant Holistic Energy - Business News Scotland

“Decarbonising the Scottish Economy” – Major renewable energy park plans unveiled

RENEWABLE energy park plans have been unveiled, proposing the construction of the large scale project in the north east of Scotland.The project is set to commence in 2023 and be fully operational by 2026,...
Rannoch Moor

Winners announced for Scottish Nature photography calendar

THE WINNERS of a nationwide photography competition have been announced and will now see their works included in a forthcoming calendar.The 13 images were selected from over 700 entries, which were taken after NatureScot...
A picture of an art display A People’s Archive of Sinking and Melting', - Art News Scotland

Artist seeks mementoes of places before they sink without trace

AN ENVIRONMENTAL exhibition is urging people to find eye catching items in areas at risk from rising sea levels. The exhibition "A People's Archive of Sinking and Melting" aims to gather items from several areas...
Francesca Osowska - Nature News Scotland

Diversity in nature needed to decrease risk of future pandemics

LACK of diversity on nature is a risk for future global pandemics a chief executive of a nature agency has warned.Chief Executive of NatureScot Francesca Osowka has said more space for nature is needed...
SNIPEF Fiona Hodgson - Business News Scotland

Hydrogen energy in Scotland moves forward after memorandum signing

HYDROGEN technology in Scotland has taken a step forward after two industry bodies have signed a memorandum of understanding.The Scotland and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employer's Federation (SNIPEF) signed the memorandum with The Scottish Hydrogen...
Professor Bill Austin in India

Team of international scientists to investigate new management approach for vulnerable coastal wetlands in...

A TEAM of international scientists  led by two Scottish universities have been awarded research funding to investigate a new approach of vulnerable coastal wetland habitats in India.The University of St Andrews are working in...
A picture of the Firth of Clyde - Nature News Scotland

Firth of Clyde a ‘key source’ of juvenile whiting

A SCOTTISH river has been named as an important source for juvenile whiting in a significant discovery for UK fisheries.The Firth of Clyde and eastern Irish Sea were both found to contain an abundance...
Red Billed Chough - Nature News Scotland

Endangered bird conservation effective but more action needed

CONSERVATION measures to save a threatened species of bird have been effective but more needs to be done.A report published found that supplementary feeding and parasite treatment had been effective in helping the threatened...
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