Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Buckfast brewers pressured to remove caffeine

By Rory Reynolds THE makers of Buckfast are under pressure to remove caffeine from its recipe after new figures linked the drink to crime. Research shows...

Schoolboy’s campaign gets backing from world-renowned scientist

By Cara Sulieman A SCOTS schoolboy campaigning for better treatment for MS suffers like his mum has received the backing of a top scientist. Plucky Ryan...

Scientists develop robot with evolving, human brain

Pioneering scientists at a Scottish university have invented a robot that can evolve just like a human - bringing the film ‘I-Robot' one step closer to reality.

Bouncing breast lecture

By Cara Sulieman STUDENTS at one of Scotland's universities will be getting a lecture on bouncing breasts this month. A world-class expert on sports bras is...

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