Shotgun fired through door near army HQ


The door is believed to have been fired at with a shotgun.

DETECTIVES are hunting a gunman who blasted a hole through the front door of a terrified army family’s home.

The attack happened just half a mile from the army’s headquarters in Scotland and has left many service families living in fear.

Some residents of the quiet street on the outskirts of Edinburgh are speculating that the terrifying incident could have involved a traumatised soldier recently returned from Afghanistan.

Neighbours in Hillside Road, Craigiehall, were woken by at least one shot at about 12.20am today (Wed).

Police confirmed that a shotgun had been fired at the door but that no-one had been hurt.

Mia Ellery, 27, who lives a few doors down from the house, said:

“I was woken up by a shot but thought that I was dreaming.

“My husband is away in Afghanistan and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone has killed themselves because these guys come back messed up. “

Ms Ellery said she had previously heard the sounds of argument coming from the address.

“I mean screaming and I live quite far down,’ she added.

“I’m not very shocked that this has happened. These guys are around guns all the time. “

Another neighbour, Lauren Binnie, 24, said:

“The police have told us it is nothing to worry about but when your street is totally cordoned off it’s a bit worrying.

“I heard the shots but didn’t think too much of it because there’s a farmer nearby who is shooting quite often. “

She added:

“It’s quite shocking that this has happened here though.

“It’s quite a quiet street and people keep themselves to themselves. “

The semi-detached property that was attacked, overlooks the 17th century country house called Craigiehall, which is the headquarters of the Army’s 2nd Division.

It is understood that both Army and Navy families live in the homes in the area.

Today, forensics officers and police were carrying out a detailed examination of the entire area.

The front door of the attacked home clearly bore the signs of a shotgun blast: a small hole punched straight through, surrounded by a cloud of pellet holes.

There was also a dark mark visible on the top of the door, possibly caused by it being struck with the butt of the weapon.

Sniffer dogs were closely examining gardens near the property and the garden of another nearby home was being searched inch-by-inch by officers using sticks. Specialists were seen dusting for prints from a car parked nearby.

DS Neil Spowart, from Lothian and Borders Police, said:

“Thankfully no one was injured in this incident, however it is nevertheless very concerning.

“This is a quiet residential area, and we believe that local residents would notice anything untoward or any strangers in the area before or after the incident.

“A team of officers will be conducting inquiries and providing reassurance in the coming days.

“They would be keen to speak to anyone who has any information about the incident and would ask them to come forward immediately.”

Asked if they were looking for a particular individual in connection with the shooting, a spokeswoman for the force said: “Not at this stage. We are still looking for information on the subject.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Lothian and Borders Police immediately on 0131 311 3131 or Crimestoppers in complete confidence on 0800 555 111

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