Friday, January 14, 2022
beer - Research News Scotland

Scots University research team recommend new alcohol policy measures

Tougher alcohol policy measures could reduce ambulance call-outs according to study.A University of Stirling team, led by Professor Niamh Fitzgerald, recommended new alcohol policy measures should be considered after results from their study showed...
A screenshot from the Aberdeen history game

History based video game launched by Scots University

A SCOTS university has launched a history based video game taking players to back to Scotland's plague ridden streets.University of Aberdeen historians launched the game, Strange Sickness, to help bring people face to face...
Research finds 3 influences on ethnic minorities choosing to get vaccine - Research News

Factors discouraging ethnic minorities from taking up Covid-19 vaccine revealed by study

RESEARCHERS have identified three key factors influencing Covid-19 vaccine uptake for ethnic minority groups in the UK.The collaborative study was led by staff from Aberdeen University, working in conjunction with University College London and...
Leuchie House partners with National Robotarium - Research News

National Robotarium partnership aims to help people with disabilities

A SCOTTISH charity is partnering with the National Robotarium, in a collaboration aiming to increase independence for people with disabilities.Researchers will engage with guests at Leuchie House, a North Berwick-based charity respite centre, which recently...
Test speeds up and simplifies hepatitis c diagnsosis - Research News

Scottish university develops simpler and faster test to diagnose deadly virus

A TEST, developed by researchers at a Scottish university, is helping to simplify the identification of hepatitis C cases.Delivering results with an accuracy of 98%, the test is creating new possibilities for fast and...
Impact of MUP investigated by Aberdeen University - Research News

Studies investigate impact of alcohol minimum unit pricing

RESEARCHERS investigating the impact of alcohol pricing in Scotland have said that, overall, sales have been reduced.Following the introduction of minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol in 2018, studies have looked into the effects...
Boxer life expectancy is lower than average - Research News

Boxing lowers life expectancy, a sports study reveals

A STUDY investigating the relationship between sport and life expectancy has found that boxers are likely to live five years less than average.Conducting the research, Compare the Market compared life expectancies between elite athletes...
DogPhone creator Dr Hirskyj-Douglas - Research News

Dog ball could help pandemic pups video call their owners

A DOG ball which could help pets to keep in touch with their owners whilst home alone, has been developed by a Scottish university lecturer.Working with colleagues from Aalto University, Finland, Glasgow University’s Dr...
Research into impact of formula milk on exam performance - Research News

Relationship between formula milk and exam performance investigated in study

A STUDY investigating if there is any link between types of formula milk used in infancy and later academic exam performance, has concluded that there is no benefit to enriched formulas.Researchers from the UCL...
Utilita Energy launch Wear Warm campaign - News

Wear Warm campaign launched to tackle home overheating

SCOTS are being encouraged to wrap up warm this winter instead of superheating their homes.Research has revealed that 50% of households in Scotland are heating their homes higher than the recommended healthy level.The study,...
Scorpion venom study to fight coronavirus variants - Research news

Study launched into using scorpion venom to fight Covid-19 variants

A STUDY has been launched into using scorpion venom to help fight new Covid-19 variants.Scientists from Aberdeen University and Suez Canal University in Egypt are exploring the potential of several scorpion venoms that have...

Skyrora agrees multi-launch deal with Shetland spaceport for the next decade

EMBARGOED UNTIL Edinburgh, 12th October 2021 - British rocket company Skyrora has agreed a multi-launch deal with the SaxaVord spaceport on Unst, the most northerly of the Shetland Islands, as it moves closer to...
Burning coals are a polluting cooking fuel - Research News Scotland

World Health Organisation warns that revising cooking fuel use “must be a developmental priority”

THE World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that revising cooking fuels "must be a developmental priority".WHO have highlighted that if no urgent changes are made, one billion people could be using kerosene, coal or...

£1.6m North Sea simulator unveiled in Scotland in bid to make operations safer

A NORTH Sea simulator was unveiled in Scotland today in a bid to make working in the cold and dangerous waters safer and more efficient.The £1.6m simulation suite is aimed at decommissioning and renewable...
University of Glasgow - Health News

Bowel cancer tumours “delayed” by new drug, say Scottish researchers

A new drug to tackle tumours among bowel cancer patients could delay regrowth, according to a recent study involving Scottish researchers.Bowel cancer is the fourth biggest cancer killer in the UK, with over 42,000...

Good student-teacher relationships reduce crime rates

Good relationships between teachers and students can reduce future anti-social behaviour and crime rates, a study has revealed.Experts at Edinburgh University have concluded that pupils who have a supportive relationship with their teacher between...

Drug dependency fears over pandemic surgery delays

Experts are warning of a potential drug dependency problem linked to the delays in knee and hip replacement surgery during the pandemic.Opioids, such as morphine and tramadol, are used as a last resort in pain management,...
Josh pictured with fans on bridge - Scottish News

Biker set to cycle Scotland’s coast to raise money for charity researching rare...

A BIKER who is cycling 5,000 miles around Britain's coastline for charity is set to begin his final leg of the journey around Scotland.Josh Garman is attempting to complete the challenge, which will see...

Hologram technology developed at the University of Glasgow

CLASSIC science fiction technology is one step closer to becoming reality with a new development in haptic holograms.A group of engineers from the University of Glasgow have developed a new way to create a...
Dog vaccination key to wiping out disease

Programme of dog vaccination key to rabies elimination, finds Scottish study

A coordinated and sustained programme of dog vaccination against rabies, is effective in preventing transmission of the deadly virus to humans and among animals, and remains key to rabies elimination, according to a Scottish study.New research, led by the University of Glasgow in collaboration with Ifakara Health Institute and Imperial College London, published today...
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