Tuesday, June 15, 2021
music - Entertainment News Scotland (1)

Data reveals what the world listened to whilst on the loo

As we all became more accustomed to spending time in our homes over the last 12 months, data found out what the most popular songs and artists are for when the bathroom door is...
Energy transition - Research News Scotland

Signing of memorandum starts effort to tackle energy and education issues

A SCOTTISH university has joined forces with a global consulting and engineering company to tackle key challenges facing the transitioning energy sector through a mix of research, skills development, academic/industry discourse, and new initiatives.Aberdeen based Robert Gordon University (RGU) and...

Employees say their benefits don’t reflect the current situation

Less than 20% of European employees believe that the benefits offered to them by their employers, adequately reflect the current situation according to a new study.A study of more than 58,000 employees across Europe...

Zombies would fear Glasgow more than any other UK city, according to a survey.

SCOTTISH city Glasgow has been voted the place in the UK zombies would be most afraid of in the UK, according to a poll.The survey was commissioned by gaming publisher Outright Games to...
Dr Anna-Maria Choy - Research News Scotland

Simple blood test could detect life-threatening aortic tears

A SIMPLE blood test developed by researchers from a Scottish university could help doctors spot deadly damage to the body’s largest blood vessel.The University of Dundee has developed a blood test that can detect...
Lewis Hamilton - Research News Scotland

Instagram’s top earning British athletes have been revealed

Taking the top followed and top-performing British athletes from 15 sports, a team have calculated their Instagram earnings.According to the Sporting Superstars campaign from Essential Living and Influencer Marketing Hub, David Beckham has the...
nurse using needle| Research News UK

Possible new treatment for bowel cancer discovered

AN INTERNATIONAL team of scientists have identified key factors underpinning the development of bowel cancer in patients with a genetic predisposition to the disease.The study is led by researchers at the Cancer Research UK...
nature - Nature News Scotland

Scottish Greens claim species report must be a “wake up call” for governments

A NEW report on how rising temperatures are threatening Scottish species "must be a wake-up call for governments" on the nature emergency, according to the Greens.The report by the WWF is called: ‘Feeling the...
robot - Scottish News

Scotland’s first “Spot” robot set to save lives, cut CO2 and support construction

A ROBOT made famous by dancing on YouTube is set to help save lives and cut carbon dioxide emissions.The robot will be supporting research at the National Robotarium, based at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.The...
wind turbines| Research News Uk

Scottish University receives funding for energy transition research

ABERDEEN university have received funding that will allow them to better teach in areas including hydrogen, biomass, solar and wind energy.The £240,000 funding secured by the School of Engineering through the University’s Development Trust,...
Police - Scottish News (1)

Major study reveals ‘burnout’ of Scottish police officers

The research involving more than 2,000 Police Scotland officers has found around half experiencing moderate to high levels of burnout at work.The findings will be published on Tuesday, June 01 in Scotland’s new justice...
Scottish Islands - Tourism News Scotland

Orkney was voted Scotland’s best island in a survey

ORKNEY, with its neolithic sites and panoramic views, has been named the best Scottish island, according to a survey.While Scotland’s waters are home to approximately 800 islands, Which? Travel readers rated only 14, highlighting...
| Research News Scotland

Scottish university to team up with BT for 5G project

SCIENTISTS from Heriot-Watt University have secured six-figure funding from Innovate-UK to work on a project led by BT.The scientists are developing the core component in the first end-to-end quantum secured communications trial for 5G...
Research has revealed interesting facts about our memory - UK News

A new study into memory retention has revealed compelling facts

NEW research has revealed interesting and beneficial facts about our memory retention.Research conducted by the University of Glasgow and the University of Birmingham has been published today in Nature Communications.The study shows that our...
Study reveals the importance of data sharing during the pandemic -Scottish News

A new study has revealed the importance of data sharing during COVID

NEW research conducted by the University of Glasgow has revealed that data sharing has been crucial to Scottish councils in managing the pandemic.A report published today, conducted by Urban Big Data at the University...
tyre - research News Scotland

Safety fears as lockdown sees millions delay car servicing

MILLIONS of potentially unsafe cars could be returning to the nation’s roads after one in five drivers delayed servicing their vehicles due to lockdown, research has discovered.Postponing the vital safety checks, which most...
research - Research News Scotland

First reported cases of blood clots causing a stroke following vaccination

There has been a small number of cases of ischaemic stroke reported in young adults following administration of a coronavirus vaccine.Clots in the arteries have been reported in detail for the first time in...
Heart - Research News Scotland

Number and age of siblings are “linked to risk of cardiovascular events”

First-born children have a lower risk of cardiovascular events, but having lots of siblings is associated with an increased risk.First-born children have a lower risk of events such as heart attacks and strokes than...
Kettle - Business News Scotland

Student hopes his design is everybody’s cup of tea

PEOPLE are now inviting their loved ones inside their homes for tea or coffee, a university student has designed products to make this easier for those who might struggle.Product Design student Nick Fitzpatrick has...
Phones - Research News Scotland

Charging phones is equal to “2,888,687 cows living in Australia”

NEW research from Australia reveals that the carbon footprint of charging all the phones in the world is equivalent to nearly two billion passengers travelling on a bullet train in Japan.By assuming that all...
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