Tuesday, June 15, 2021
AndreaNolan - Education News Scotland

Edinburgh Napier University announces fossil fuel divestment

A SCOTTISH University has announced that they have removed all direct investments from fossil fuel companies. Edinburgh Napier University has a strong history of enhancing environmental sustainability within and beyond the institution. To maintain their achievements...
Extinction Rebellion - Scottish News

Activists block a power station by using a washing machine

A GREEN washing machine was part of a creative blockade of Peterhead power station on the morning of June 3.Starting 6.10 am, about 20 activists from Extinction Rebellion Scotland and Glasgow Calls Out Polluters...
pollution - Business News Scotland (1)

Pension company is set to divest in firms which fail the climate test, but...

SCOTLAND’S largest local government pension fund will drop investments in fossil fuel firms that fail to act on the climate emergency.The £24 billion Strathclyde Pension Fund, will become one of the first major funds...
nature - Nature News Scotland

Scottish Greens claim species report must be a “wake up call” for governments

A NEW report on how rising temperatures are threatening Scottish species "must be a wake-up call for governments" on the nature emergency, according to the Greens.The report by the WWF is called: ‘Feeling the...
factory - Consumer News Scotland

Big fashion company launches Higg Index Sustainability Profile

A company is delighted to launch a first version of the Higg Index Sustainability Profile, sharing environmental performance scores for materials on selected products across their online stores in Europe and the U.S.Released...
Going green is a contributing factor in influencing people to buy a new car this year - UK news

Research shows going green is a factor in people wanting new cars

GOING greener is a major reason why people want to buy a new car this year according to new research.Shifting to a less polluting vehicle is the number one factor in people wanting to...
Distressed seal trapped in gill netting | Scottish News

Scots fisherman blasts Spanish crews over sea pollution

A SCOTS fisherman has hit out at Spanish fishing crews after claiming to continuously find their abandoned nets and litter in Scottish waters. Fisherman of 15 years, Ross Robertson has shared several distressing images showcasing...
Phones - Research News Scotland

Charging phones is equal to “2,888,687 cows living in Australia”

NEW research from Australia reveals that the carbon footprint of charging all the phones in the world is equivalent to nearly two billion passengers travelling on a bullet train in Japan.By assuming that all...
Death BC Image - Research News Scotland

University researchers look at new trend to have a prehistoric burial

University academics are to look at the modern-day phenomenon of why people are wishing to be buried like their prehistoric ancestors.Archaeologist Dr Kenny Brophy and researcher Andrew Watson from the University of Glasgow have received a British...
The Dead Gannet Tangled in Green Fishing wire | Scottish Wildlife News

“Barbaric!” Distressing images show dead gannet amongst old fishing wire and litter

DISTRESSING images show a dead gannet that was found trapped amongst old fishing wire and discarded metal cans.One image shows how the entire neck of the gannet has become completely interwound and trapped in...
World Bee Day app created to allow citizens to be scientists for the day - UK and World News

The public are invited to celebrate World Bee Day by snapping pics of bees

AN APP can be downloaded to picture bees in their natural habitat for World Bee Day, allowing citizens to be scientists for the day.The Spot-A-Bee app has been created in a collaboration between the...
City birds and rural birds are genetically different according to a recent survey - UK and World News

Study reveals birds in the city have a genetic advantage over rural birds

CITY birds are genetically different and more advantaged compared to countryside birds according to a recent study.The study, conducted by Caroline Isaksson, senior lecturer at Lund University, and Dr Pablo Salmón, a research fellow...
Scientists take part in an environmental protest - UK News

Scientists take part in an environmental protest in museum

ACTIVIST scientists took part in a demonstration this morning in the Science Museum to protest against a Shell sponsored exhibition.Extinction Rebellion scientists locked themselves to a mechanical tree in the Science Museum to protest...
Green chart - Research News Scotland

Glasgow is willing to pay the more than the rest of the UK to...

NOTTINGHAM has the UK’s highest take-up of green tariffs, with nearly half of households on an eco-friendly deal, according to new research.According to the study by Uswitch.com, a third of all UK households currently...
78.3% of natural features in good condition| Scottish News

Research shows that three quarters of Scotland’s natural features are in good condition

NEW figures show that More than three quarters of Scotland’s natural features are in good condition or on the road to recovery.Official statistics published by NatureScot show that 78.3% of more than 5,400 features...

Energy firm confirms highest trainee recruitment drive in five years

A SCOTTISH energy firm announced its highest trainee recruitment drive on May 14, 2021 since 2016.ScottishPower welcomed COP26 President Alok Sharma to the UK’s largest onshore wind farm on the outskirts of Glasgow. Today’s announcement...
K-briq - Property and Constructions News Scotland

Two million eco-friendly bricks go into production following funding award

A CLEAN-tech company has been awarded £1 million in funding to commercialise production of its brick made of recycled construction waste.Kenoteq is set to make more than 2 million K-Briq's per year with the...
Botanic Gardens - Nature News Scotland

Scottish botanic garden is set to “celebrate the power” of plants

THE public are invited to discover the world of plants and the people who work with them at an upcoming event at a botanic garden.‘Plant Power’ is an annual event that showcases the plants...
Swan nesting in litter filled river | Scottish News

Shocking images show nesting swan surrounded by plastic rubbish in Scots river

A SCOTS photographer has captured heartbreaking images of a nesting swan surrounded by masses of plastic rubbish. John Dyer snapped pictures of the shocking scene on Friday while he was out on a walk around Strathclyde...
potential risk to dolphins due to unique fasting habits| Nature News Scotland

Potential risk to dolphins as their unique eating habits are explored

NEW research suggests that Dolphins could be at risk if their foraging opportunities are impacted due to man-made disturbances such as shipping, tourism and coastal development.Human-caused disturbance could result in the movement of prey...
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