Friday, November 26, 2021
Pablo the hamster

Scots mum stunned after “dead hamster” returns home -17 months later

A SCOTS mum who thought her dog had eaten the family hamster was shocked when the furry pet appeared back home - seventeen months later.Elspeth Gold had given up hope that Pablo the hamster...
Puppy Olly with the tree

Adorable image shows guilty looking pup next to toppled over Christmas tree

AN ADORABLE image shows a guilty-looking Labrador puppy sitting next to a Christmas tree just moments after bringing it down.Owner Chelsea Baker captured the photograph of eleven-week-old Olly sitting beside the chaos he created...
Lucy with her nose stuck in the Starbucks cup

Adorable video shows dog absolutely loving her first “Puppuccino”

AN ADORABLE video shows a springer spaniel absolutely loving her first ever taste of a “Puppuccino”.Owner Elspeth Gold captured the moment Lucy nuzzled her snout into the paper Starbucks cup after getting her first...
The otters eat the octopus

Amazing images show otter family feasting on octopus

AMAZING images show a group of otters feasting on a helpless octopus on a Scots island.Dave Smethurst captured the stunning images on the Isle of Mull this week.One picture shows the family of three...
Battery hen

Heartwarming images show ex battery hens that have regrown their feathers after being re-homed

HEARTWARMING images show ex battery hens that have regrown their feathers after being re-homed.The two hens were saved from a Scottish farm in August by Wing and a Prayer Hen Rescue and re-homed at Tribe...
The dog menu

“Dog’s dinner” – Pub has two week waiting list for dogs looking to try...

A PUB has a two week waiting list for dogs looking to try out their new menu for canines and enjoy a "Bark Brew".The Fishpool Inn in Northwich, Cheshire, is in high demand from...

Distressing images show pony killed by car after being spooked by fireworks

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES.DISTRESSING images show a pony that was killed after being spooked by fireworks and running out in front of a moving car.Eighteen-month-old Archer bolted from his field in Marchwood, Hampshire on Thursday...
Ollie the dog at home

Dog owner heartbroken after pet suffers heart attack “caused by fireworks”

A DOG owner has been left heartbroken after his beloved pet died from a heart attack "caused by fireworks".Jeff Hull said that Ollie was so petrified of the loud bangs from fireworks just over...
Noi dressed as William Wallace

Braveheart superfan, 4, dresses as William Wallace complete with real life “horse”

A YOUNG Braveheart fan has dressed up as William Wallace with face paint, a sword and even a real life "horse".Four-year-old Noi Dempster wanted to dress as the iconic Scottish warrior for years and...
Tamara mid-jump

Scot left in stitches after dog rescues shoe that fell off during bungee jump

A SCOTS daredevil was left in stitches after noticing a dog rescuing her trainer that fell off during a bungee jump above a river.Tamara Janssen was certain her trainer was a goner after it...
Dave with the knickers

Scots pet owner “mortified” after cat returns with white lace knickers in tow

A SCOTS pet owner has been left "mortified" after her cat returned home from his adventures - with one of the neighbour's lace knickers in tow.Lisa Jayne couldn’t believe her eyes when cat Dave...
Kingfisher no fishing

Amazing image shows kingfisher perched on top of no fishing sign – holding a...

AN AMAZING image shows a stunning kingfisher perched on top of a no fishing sign - holding a fish in its mouth.Retiree Paul Elliot shared the outstanding image online on Saturday which shows the...

Nosy barker – Scots pet owner gets custom-made door made for beloved pooch to...

A SCOTS pet owner has had a custom built front door made so her beloved pooch can peer outside.Holly Cassidy hunted around for a new front door that would allow her pets a window...
The otter continuing to climb the ladder

Adorable images show otter climbing up ladders in Shetland

ADORABLE images captured the moment an otter climbed up a ladder to get to dry land after taking a dip in the sea in the Shetland Islands.Amateur photographer Gary Buchan snapped the incredible photographs...
Deadly snake pictured at South Essex Wildlife Hospital

Poisonous stowaway snake sealed in room of UK wildlife hospital

VETS at a wildlife hospital have been forced to tape up the door of a room that is currently housing a highly poisonous stowaway snake from India.South Essex Wildlife Hospital staff were called to...
The massive daddy long legs, found by Alina on her kitchen wall.

Terrifying image shows “horrendously huge” daddy longlegs sat in a woman’s home

A TERRIFYING image shows the moment a “horrendously huge” daddy longlegs infiltrated a woman’s home.Unlucky software technician Alina spotted the massive insect this morning whilst she was grabbing herself a drink from the kitchen.The...
The poster of the "missing" Komodo dragon

Bizarre image shows “missing Komodo dragon” poster

MOST people take to the streets with “missing cat” or “missing dog” posters when their beloved family pet goes AWOL.However, this time a “missing Komodo dragon” poster has been spotted on the streets of...
The albino squirrel pictures on the side of a tree in Louis's Edinburgh garden.

Scot captures images of rare albino squirrel in garden

A SCOT has captured a series of images of a rare albino squirrel visiting his garden.Louis Robb couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the unusual creature appear at the bottom of his back...
Milo pawing at the ice dispenser on the fridge

Dog’s Dinner: Clever puppy works out how to get ice from fridge

A CLEVER puppy has managed to work out how to get ice out of the fridge.Milo has figured out that instead of having water, the five-month-old pooch could just go straight to the fridge...
Hannah Miley teaching her dog Poppy - sat in front of her - how to read signs.

Scots Olympic swimmer Hannah Miley teaches her dog how to “read”

SCOTS Olympian swimmer Hannah Miley has taught her dog how to "read" signs.The 32-year-old two-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist said she was looking for a new hobby so decided to train Poppy how to...
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