Friday, September 17, 2021
nature - Nature News Scotland

Scottish Greens claim species report must be a “wake up call” for governments

A NEW report on how rising temperatures are threatening Scottish species "must be a wake-up call for governments" on the nature emergency, according to the Greens.The report by the WWF is called: ‘Feeling the...
European elk twins have been born at the Highland Wildlife Park this month - Scottish News

European elk twins have been born at the Highland Wildlife Park

EUROPEAN elk twins have been born at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Park this month.The twins were born on May 14 to mum Cas and dad Raven, their gender is unknown,...
An entrance to Gloucester Park from the roadside - Animal News

Distressing images show four birds that were killed by sick thugs using catapults

DISTRESSING images show four birds that were killed after being targeted by sick thugs using catapults.South Essex Wildlife Hospital vets were furious after taking in the birds who all had suffered fractured skulls from...
Distressed seal trapped in gill netting | Scottish News

Scots fisherman blasts Spanish crews over sea pollution

A SCOTS fisherman has hit out at Spanish fishing crews after claiming to continuously find their abandoned nets and litter in Scottish waters.Fisherman of 15 years, Ross Robertson has shared several distressing images showcasing...
The Dead Gannet Tangled in Green Fishing wire | Scottish Wildlife News

“Barbaric!” Distressing images show dead gannet amongst old fishing wire and litter

DISTRESSING images show a dead gannet that was found trapped amongst old fishing wire and discarded metal cans.One image shows how the entire neck of the gannet has become completely interwound and trapped in...
A GOLDEN retriever has become an online hit after he was photographed drinking a pint in a Scots pub - Scottish Animal News

“One sip of a pint and he’s up on the table dancing” Golden retriever...

A GOLDEN retriever has become an online hit after he was photographed drinking a pint in a Scots pub before hopping onto the table.Anthony O’Hare, from Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, shared the hilarious photographs of...
World Bee Day app created to allow citizens to be scientists for the day - UK and World News

The public are invited to celebrate World Bee Day by snapping pics of bees

AN APP can be downloaded to picture bees in their natural habitat for World Bee Day, allowing citizens to be scientists for the day.The Spot-A-Bee app has been created in a collaboration between the...
City birds and rural birds are genetically different according to a recent survey - UK and World News

Study reveals birds in the city have a genetic advantage over rural birds

CITY birds are genetically different and more advantaged compared to countryside birds according to a recent study.The study, conducted by Caroline Isaksson, senior lecturer at Lund University, and Dr Pablo Salmón, a research fellow...
Baby Frederick with a knitted cow | Agriculture News UK

Farming couple who had calf ring bearer at wedding name baby with initials of...

A FARMING couple who had a calf as a ring bearer at their wedding have named their newborn with the initials of FARM.Carl and Natalie Martins didn't originally notice the fitting acronym when naming...
The handlers and dogs Orkney Native Wildlife Project - Nature News Scotland

Europe’s first stoat detection dogs arrive in Orkney

THREE specially trained conservation detection dogs are the most recent team members for a project to safeguard Orkney’s native wildlife.The trio will be using their sensitive noses to assist the world’s largest stoat eradication.The...
Midges on hand | Scottish News

Scotland records its first spell of midges that are set to “emerge in their...

SCOTLAND has recorded its first spell of midges this year with reports that the blood sucking beasts are set to “emerge in their masses”.The Scottish Midge Forecast launched their 2021 season forecast last night...
Swimming dolphin | Scottish Nature News

Stunning images show dolphins breaching and playing in the Moray Firth

STUNNING images show dolphins breaching and playing in the Moray Firth.Steve Truluck captured the stunning images of several dolphins as they got up close to Burghead Harbour in Moray on Monday.The whale watching guide...
Dog - Viral News

Government has created an action plan to help protect dogs from ear cropping

CAMPAIGNERS are celebrating today after the Government committed to taking action to curb the growing number of dogs with cropped ears being imported into Great Britain.Under new measures unveiled in the Action Plan for Animal...
Swan nesting in litter filled river | Scottish News

Shocking images show nesting swan surrounded by plastic rubbish in Scots river

A SCOTS photographer has captured heartbreaking images of a nesting swan surrounded by masses of plastic rubbish.John Dyer snapped pictures of the shocking scene on Friday while he was out on a walk around Strathclyde...
potential risk to dolphins due to unique fasting habits| Nature News Scotland

Potential risk to dolphins as their unique eating habits are explored

NEW research suggests that Dolphins could be at risk if their foraging opportunities are impacted due to man-made disturbances such as shipping, tourism and coastal development.Human-caused disturbance could result in the movement of prey...
Moth - Nature News Scotland

New report shows moth numbers have almost halved since 1990

Moth numbers in Scotland have continued to decline over the long term, but their distribution has increased.The latest Scottish Biodiversity Indicator shows that moth abundance has almost halved, falling 46% between 1990 and 2018...
Dolphin swimming - Nature News Scotland

Epic swim for Scotland’s sea animals kicks off “summer of endurance”

SUCCESSFULLY completing a swim from the Isle of Mull to Oban on the evening of Friday 7 May was just the start of a ‘summer of endurance’ for a man who is raising funds...
Professor Sir Ian Boyd - Research News Scotland

Scottish biology professor elected to the UK’s national academy of sciences

A biology professor from a Scottish university will join the UK's national academy of sciences.Sir Ian Boyd, Professor of Biology at the University of St Andrews, has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.The...
Gus entering the shop to seek out his lunch| Viral Video News

Notorious seagull named “Gus” filmed shoplifting tuna sandwich from Co-op

HILARIOUS footage shows a notorious seagull walking into a Co-op and shoplifting a tuna sandwich from the store.Veberley Macdonald captured a relentless gull, known to locals as Gus, as he went robbing in Co-op...
Scottish Nature News

Scot fuming after picking up 57 bags of dog poo from beauty spot

A SCOTS care worker has been left fuming after picking up 57 individual bags of dog poo from a popular walking spot - including five suspected bags of "human faeces".Linda Morris was shocked to...
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