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Charity fund launched for “the world’s loneliest sheep”

SCOTTISH charities will benefit from donations following the successful rescue of a sheep stranded at the foot of cliffs in the Highlands.

The fund has been set up by the farmers involved in her rescue in response to a tidal wave of goodwill from the public.

This has included many offers of donations following coverage of the rescue, with the animal dubbed ‘the world’s loneliest sheep.’

The mission to get the sheep safely to her new home happened after she had spent more than two years in a location agreed to be too treacherous to attempt to remove her.

Fiona the sheep
Fiona the sheep

The ewe has been named Fiona to continue a theme, after another sheep was named Shrek due to having been found living alone in caves in New Zealand.

The ‘Fiona Fund’ being launched this week is aimed at the creation of a fundraising legacy in the wake of the remarkable level of interest from around the globe in the rescue.

This includes a huge social media following who are tuning in for regular updates about her progress.

The Scottish SPCA and RSABI were chosen as the charities to benefit from the fund for the work they do to promote good animal welfare and support people in need in Scottish agriculture respectively.

Fiona was found to be in very good condition and health after the successful rescue, now safe and very contentedly settling into her new home at Dalscone Farm.

Ben Best of Dalscone said: “We know that Fiona has touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide.

“We have had loads of requests about how to donate to her cause but she’s got everything she could ever need at Dalscone.

“So, instead, we have set up the Fiona Fund in her name and would love to raise some money for some very important charities which have been involved in her rescue and her story so far.”

Due to her isolated location, she had missed having her annual wool clip and her natural wool growth had resulted in a very big fleece.

This has now been expertly and carefully clipped off by one of the farmers involved in her safe recovery, Cammy Wilson.

The aim is to raffle some products made from Fiona’s wool, but having not been clipped for some time, the quality of the wool is presenting something of a challenge.

Cammy said: “I don’t think it will be possible to make many items from the fleece – in reality we may be struggling to even get one jumper – but we are looking at a variety of other exciting possibilities to make the most of her wool.

“The media interest and public support for Fiona has been absolutely incredible and we are very grateful for all the goodwill from people who have been following her story.”

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