Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Pooing puffin - photography news Scotland

Amateur photographer left in stitches after capturing unflattering photo of puffin excreting

A HILARIOUS image posted to social media has captured the exact unflattering moment a puffin relieved itself in dramatic fashion.Sean Rooney caught the picture of the puffin by chance on the Island of Lunga,...
Hedgehog flaunting package - wildlife news UK

Social media users shocked over video showing hedgehog with enormous “lance”

A HEDGEHOG has shocked social media users after video footage captured the hog stride by with a “particularly long" appendage.Engineer Pete Carroll captured the hefty hedgehog strutting around in his garden in Sussex on...
Cherlyn holding balloon Northamptonshire - Animal News UK

Pony owner issues warning after pony spooked by tribute helium balloon

A PONY owner has urged grievers not to let off helium balloons whilst mourning their loved ones after a plastic inflatable left her beloved pet “scared to death”.Cherylyn Gibbs was shocked to see her...
The prickly pal is joined by Morris the cat | Animal News UK

Adorable video shows unexpected pair of furry friends sharing dinner

AN ADORABLE video has caught an unexpected pair of furry friends sharing dinner as a Persian cat tucks into a plate of tuna alongside a baby hedgehog.Retiree Paul Griffiths, from Warrington, Cheshire captured the...
Baby Igel - Nature News Scotland

Nature agency calls on Scots to put water out for wildlife this summer

SCOTLAND'S nature agency, is urging everyone to take simple steps, such as putting out water for wildlife this summer.NatureScot hopes doing this will help local wildlife, reverse nature loss and help fight climate...
Nox X-Ray back pellets - Animal News Scotland

Shocking X-ray images show injuries sustained on cat that was shot 20 times with...

HEART-BREAKING X-ray images show the injuries sustained on a cat that was shot 20 times with an air gun.Pauline Duncan, from Logie Coldstone, Aberdeenshire, found her cat Nox acting strangely when he returned home...
Angus and Anne - Scottish News

Heartwarming video shows blind and brain damaged dog having time of his life on...

A HEARTWARMING video shows a blind and brain damaged dog having the time of its life on Scots beaches.Angus the Lurcher can be seen running around stunning deserted Outer Hebrides beaches without a care...
Seafish - Research News Scotland

Annual fishing fleet survey returns as researchers head to ports across UK

FISHING vessel owners and skippers are encouraged to take part in the annual survey of the UK fishing fleet.This year’s survey begins on Monday 5 July and will run throughout the summer. The survey is carried out by Seafish, the public...
Dolphin surfaces through crystal clear water | Scottish Wildlife News

Amazing video shows pod of dolphins swimming alongside boat in crystal clear waves

A STUNNING video shows a pod of dolphins swimming alongside a boat in crystal clear waves in Scotland.Murdo Maclean was on his way back to Stornoway after a fishing trip when he spotted the...
deep sea diver- Scottish News

Divers can venture further than seals during deep dives

ELITE freedivers have been discovered to have brain oxygen levels that are even lower than seals, during their deepest dives.The research comes from the University of St Andrews and new findings were published in...
Dog - Health News Scotland

A pet accessory company gives tips to keep your dog safe this summer.

With the warm weather set to stay, most people are excited by the prospect of sunny beach days to replace the absence of foreign holidays this year, but it isn’t always good news for...
Bella the dog in a huff | Scottish News

Heartbreaking images show dog devastated by Scotland’s exit from EURO 2020

HEARTBREAKING images show a dog's devastated reaction at Scotland crashing out of EURO 2020.As Tasmin Scott watched Scotland concede their third goal in their decisive final group match against Croatia last night, her beloved...
Loch - Research News Scotland

At-risk species of freshwater fish reintroduced to Scotland’s lochs

AN AT-RISK species of fish has established itself in lochs across Scotland with the help of conservation managers.By rapidly adapting to its new environment, they will have changes to their DNA, their ecology, and body shape, according to a new study.In...
Stumpy the lemur | Animal News Scotland

World’s oldest ring-tailed lemur celebrates 35th birthday at Scots zoo

THE world's oldest ring-tailed lemur has celebrated his 35th birthday at a Scottish zoo.Age-defiant Stumpy enjoyed his “lemur-friendly” birthday cake at Five Sisters Zoo in West Calder, West Lothian yesterday.The furry favourite is believed...

Dog rushed to vets after intestines clogged up with sand from playing fetch at...

A DOG owner has issued a warning over pets playing with toys at the beach after her beloved pooch's intestines ended up clogged up with sand.Chelsea Finn’s labradoodle Dolly fell ill after hours of...
Rita the duck nesting in the flower bed - Animal News UK

Mum duck returns to pub planter to nest for third year in a row

A MOTHER duck has returned back to a planter at a pub to nest in and have ducklings for the third year in a row.The adorable bird, known fondly as Rita, has chosen the...
The Yorkshire gamekeeper came to the rare chicks rescue - Animal News UK

Endangered grey partridge chicks saved after their mum was killed by dog off lead

A YORKSHIRE gamekeeper has saved endangered grey partridge chicks after their mum was killed by dog off lead.George Hare managed to save nine out of 14 rare grey partridge chicks after the nesting mother...
dog for national pet month-Scottish News

New law set to crack down on puppy smuggling

NEW legislation has been passed to crackdown on illegal puppy smuggling and ban the import of dogs with cropped ears.This has been hailed by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) who welcome the movement.The measures...
Hero the Chorkie outisde of the vets following his attack - Animal News UK

“Hero didn’t stand a chance” Two- year-old dog put to sleep after brutal attack...

A TWO-YEAR-OLD dog called Hero had to be put to sleep after being brutally mauled by two out-of-control mastiffs whilst out on a walk.Marie Jones was horrified when her chorkie - a chihuahua and...
Little Oreo was missing - Animal News UK

Actor Craig Parkinson thanks fans for helping in for missing cat

LINE OF DUTY star Craig Parkinson has thanked his fans for helping him in his "massive hunt" to track down his missing cat. Parkinson, who played “The Caddy” Matthew "Dot" Cottan on the hit BBC...
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