Saturday, September 18, 2021
Judy Murray - Scottish News

Elite athletes paired with Covid sufferers for recovery promotion project

INTERNATIONAL elite athletes, coaches and sports figures share their experiences of unexpected setbacks and coping strategies with people who have been impacted by Covid.The Sport v Covid programme which connects individuals who have been...
A report has found that employees across Europe are stressed due to a lack of a work-life balance - UK and World News

Study calls for employers to push for more work life balance for employees

A REPORT has found that employees across Europe are stressed due to a lack of a work-life balance.The new findings are revealed in ‘The Future of Work Report: Employee Benefits and Work Trends in...
A rare planet has been detected by researchers from the University of St Andrews - Scottish News - European News

Scottish University announces discovery of a “rare” planet

THE discovery of a "rare" planet has been announced by researchers from the University of St Andrews.The discovery, which was published yesterday in ‘Nature Astronomy’, was found by a team of researchers led by...
deep sea diver- Scottish News

Divers can venture further than seals during deep dives

ELITE freedivers have been discovered to have brain oxygen levels that are even lower than seals, during their deepest dives.The research comes from the University of St Andrews and new findings were published in...
TV - Business News Scotland

Most popular TV shows to apply for have been revealed

NEWLY released research reveals the TV shows attracting the most applicants in the UK, with Love Island proving to be the most popular, followed by First Dates, and The Cube.The study, conducted by Uswitch, uses...

Veterans found to have no increased risk of dementia

A RECENT study has discovered the number of Scottish veterans that develop dementia is no greater than any other person.These results were found after the University of Glasgow compared the survival analysis of ex...
robotics - Research News Scotland

The rise of underwater robotics is a key focus at UK event

AN ANNUAL Underwater Robotics conference will return this October with a live-streamed event demonstrating the latest advances in underwater robotic technology and exploring the opportunities and challenges of an autonomous future. Broadcast from the Subsea...
Dog - Health News Scotland

A pet accessory company gives tips to keep your dog safe this summer.

With the warm weather set to stay, most people are excited by the prospect of sunny beach days to replace the absence of foreign holidays this year, but it isn’t always good news for...
comet - Research News Scotland

Comet strike may have sparked key shift in human civilisation

A CLUSTER of comet fragments believed to have hit Earth nearly 13,000 years ago may have shaped the origins of human civilisation, research suggests.Possibly the most devastating cosmic impact since the extinction of the dinosaurs...
pothole - Research News Scotland

Pothole damage claims cost taxpayers millions in 2020

COUNCILS in England forked out more than £8m of taxpayers’ funds last year to settle damage claims caused by potholes. A Freedom of Information request by online car marketplace heycar found that significant sums of...
Music can help combat mental fatigue when exercising according to a recent study by the University of Edinburgh - Scottish News

Research from a Scottish university shows the impact of music on exercise

MUSIC can help combat mental fatigue when exercising according to a recent study by the University of Edinburgh.The first study of its kind suggests that listening to music when running could be a key...
Loch - Research News Scotland

At-risk species of freshwater fish reintroduced to Scotland’s lochs

AN AT-RISK species of fish has established itself in lochs across Scotland with the help of conservation managers.By rapidly adapting to its new environment, they will have changes to their DNA, their ecology, and body shape, according to a new study.In...
glacier - Research News Scotland

Antarctic glacier may be more stable than initially feared

A new international study sheds light on the future of the massive Thwaites Glacier and other ice sheets.The world’s largest ice sheets may be in less danger of sudden collapse than previously predicted, according...
windmills - Research News Scotland

A robotics company receives funding to expand research into new sectors

Using robots to make offshore infrastructure inspection and repair safer is moving a step closer following the injection of £2.5 million of further funding.Founded in 2017 and led by Heriot-Watt and the University of...
research - Health News Scotland

Poorer health in most deprived areas may be linked to microbiomes in the gut

EARLIER onset of disease and ageing in the most deprived could be linked to gut health and poor diet.A new, study, led by the University of Glasgow and published in Scientific Reports, analysed the composition of microbes in the body and found...
| Research News Scotland

Honeycomb plastics the future for prosthetic design

A NEW form of lightweight, impact-resistant plastic-based ‘honeycomb’ structures which can sense when they have been damaged could find use in new forms of ‘smart’ prosthetics and medical implants.In a new paper published today...
driving - Research News Scotland

Millions of drivers have fallen asleep behind the wheel, study reveals

Four million drivers have momentarily fallen asleep behind the wheel, reveals shocking new research.The results will set alarm bells ringing amongst road safety experts as even the briefest lapse in concentration when driving can...
football - Research News Scotland

One million football fans will ‘work’ from the pub while watching the EUROS

MORE than one million employees are planning to ‘work’ from the pub for football matches kicking off during office hours, according to new research.More than one million fans are planning to watch all 51...
University of Dundee - Research News Scotland

Scottish university research to help eliminate Sleeping Sickness

ALMOST half a million rapid diagnostic tests developed from research at a university will be donated with the aim of helping eliminate the disease known as African sleeping sickness. The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics...
Kibosh Ltd - Business News Scotland

Scottish inventor backed by “biggest” energy sector to develop his idea

A SCOTTISH plumber turned inventor and entrepreneur has secured the backing of the world’s biggest energy sector companies to develop his unique pipe repair solutions.Kibosh Ltd, which has patented a range of clamps that can...
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