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How To Avoid Extra Cost & Get Cheap International Flights


One way to get a cheap international flight is to compare. There are tons of advice and tips around when it comes to booking to save a few dollars.

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Check out these 9 tips that can help avoid that extra cost when traveling overseas:

  1. Buy one-way tickets around different cities.

You may not be the type who goes around the cities to avoid pricey tickets, but some say that it is one way to get the most affordable airfare. If you are very patient in searching, you’ll find two one-way tickets arriving and departing on separate cities a lot cheaper.

Don’t forget that you can save more if you look around at nearby airports. You just need to be very patient to compare.

2. Look for other airlines and not just big ones when flying overseas.

Big airline companies may be popular for travelers but they don’t offer the best tickets all the time. Why not look to other unpopular airlines?

You’re more likely to get big discounts when flying abroad if you include airlines that are not so well known. Always search and compare.

3. Be flexible.

If you want to book the most affordable ticket, you should be flexible with dates. Don’t just focus on a target date because it may not give the best flight deal.

The key is flexibility. It’s better to have a scan on a month’s view to get the lowest airfare. Check it on different sites.

4. Travel light.

One effective way to avoid paying on extras is to travel only within the baggage allowance. Before traveling, make sure that you weigh your luggage and ensure that it’s within the limit.

Know the ideal luggage measurement and weight before traveling. Different airlines have different rules on the limits, so ensure that you check with your airline before booking.

It can be very costly if you are flying overseas and still pay for an excess luggage fee. Avoid such kinds of problems by being aware before your flight.

5. Pick a travel date during low season.

It’s a no-brainer. Choosing a date to travel during peak season is very pricey. It is because many travelers are looking to travel on those days.

Airlines have set the prices higher on those days. Whether you are flying to the US or the UK, make sure that you know the peak months and lean months to travel.

6. Grab for layovers.

Many may not be a fan of layovers because they don’t want to wait long and is often tiring, but it’s one way to get the cheapest deal. Flying directly can be costly, so this is one way to get a more affordable ticket.

You can search for any destination to fly from to see if it is cheaper to fly there to your desired destination. Considering a layover can be rewarding because it gives you time to rest and tour in a new city and can help save you more at times.

7. Be alert during sales.

Airlines often have seat sales. You must grab seats during these days since it is relatively cheaper than regular days.

To get a hold of the seat sales, you can set alerts on your favorite airlines like signing up for an email list or newsletter. This way, you get notified each time there is discounts on international flights.

8. Take advantage of using your credit card.

Using credit cards can be beneficial for you in a number of ways. It can help you earn free flights or even lower the price of your plane tickets. Aside from that, credit card companies provide bonus points that you can use to avail of a free flight.

9. Be alert on hidden fees.

Another great way to avoid getting your pocket ripped off is to check for hidden fees. Some airlines or sites may not show you the actual fees to pay upfront.

Sometimes, after you clicked the “pay” button, it’s the time you’ll realize that you pay more. This can be frustrating because you thought that you have saved more dollars but you were actually paying more.

Before paying, make sure you know what you are spending. Find out about what fees are included.

You also need to know how much you are going to pay when rebooking flights. Some airlines cost more because you have to pay for a rebooking fee and the difference between the plane tickets.

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