INCREDIBLE images show how a helmet saved a horse rider’s life after being kicked in the head


INCREDIBLE IMAGES shows a helmet split in two after saving the life of a horse rider who was kicked in the head by her horse.

Thompson Horses shared graphic images of the injuries sustained by rider Maddi Thompson after she fell off her horse and took a boot to the head.

The 21-year-old, who is also known as Skin, only escaped from the fall with minor injuries and credited the helmet for saving her life.

Pictures of the injury show an extensive wound down the side of the rider’s face that appears to look very similar to a graze and incredibly enough has no bruising or swelling.

Another image shows the thick helmet is split in to two pieces right down the middle with most of it remaining intact.

The images were uploaded to Facebook on Monday by the horse-riding who are based in Christchurch, New Zealand to highlight how important helmets are.

(C)Thompson Horses

They captioned the post: “This is how important it is too wear a helmet.

“Skin took a fall today and was kicked in the head on her way down and walked away fine, without a helmet it would have been a whole different story.

“She would like to thank her Sponsors Canterbury equestrian. She has to be wearing a safe helmet for what she does with young horses. This kep saved her life.”

The post has since gone viral with many riders sharing their own experiences of the value of helmets.

Jo Bates wrote under the post saying: “That same model of hat saved my daughters life last year as well.

“When she was on a 10-year-old 14.2 dressage pony and it tripped, stumbled and rolled over and caught her hat with its hind foot – knocked her unconscious and she was blue lighted to the hospital.

“The most frightening experience I have ever had in my whole life.”

Samantha Shapiro showed an image of her accident too adding: “Got front kicked and struck while trying to halter a yearling.

“Wasn’t wearing a helmet cause why would I if I’m not riding? Now I have a helmet on all the time. No exceptions.”

Rachel Smith commented: “I remember moving forward into canter, and waking up the day after in hospital.

“We don’t quite know why I fell off but I had apparently fallen underneath the horse and sat up as he was moving over me.”

“I had four stitches in my chin as the strap of my hat broke and cut my chin, I had an open fracture to the temple resulting in a subarachnoid haemorrhage.

“I had a fractured sinus and a fractured sternum.”

Mandi Alleman said: “Accidents still happen after you’re 18, and I’ve had my own share which includes three concussions.

“There are times when I forget but one extra layer of precaution is worth wearing a as  it might save your life, or your brain.”

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