Hilarious video shows chef using drone to deliver himself beer from the comfort of his garden


A CHEF believes he has developed a way to reopen pubs after using his drone to deliver himself a “socially distanced” beer.

Brian Welsh, from Glasgow, has been using the flying device to transport beer from without having to get up or come in direct contact with anyone.

Hilarious video shows the oil rig chef getting firmly into the bank holiday spirit by piloting a bottle of beer from his kitchen to his lap.

Brian believes his innovative delivery system may be a way to maintain social distancing at pubs.

Brian, 45, posted the clip to Facebook on Tuesday saying: “This lockdown’s the business.”

The video shows Brian lying on his sun lounger shouting to his partner “Can you get me a beer will you?”

His partner Sharon then attaches a bottle of beer to a string dangling from the drone.

The buzzing drone, controlled by Brain, then gradually moves towards him.

Brian flew his beer over using his drone. Image: Brian Welsh

Brian slowly flies the precious cargo outside. It looks like it is about to end in disaster as the beer swings from side to side. However, Brian regains control of the flight.

Upon arrival, Brian leaves the drone hovering next to him as he grabs hold of the bottle of beer, while giving a thumbs up to Sharon.

The video has left many of his friends in stitches.

Fintan Gilheaney said: “Trust you Welshey, a great bit of innovation by the way.”

Stan Barr added: “Fantastic will need to try that.”

Brian regularly uses his drone while out hill walking. Image: Brian Welsh

Gary Hodgson wrote: “See if you’ve still got control after 10 of those.”

Ian Crichton said: “You’re some man!”

Brian today was overwhelmed by the reaction to his video.

He said: “I usually fly the drone in the hills when I’m hill walking, but since the lockdown I haven’t been able to get into the hills so this was a wee bit of fun.

“I am overwhelmed with the response the video has had. It was the first time I had tried anything like that with the drone, although it was a wee bit awkward controlling it with the weight.

“The beer went down a treat, maybe a good idea for the pubs to introduce it for social distancing.”

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