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6 Cool Items for an Impressive Home Bar


A home bar will provide a space for you to grab a drink, socialise and relax after a busy day
at work. To ensure you regularly make the most of the space, you should take the steps to
create a jaw-dropping interior that will wow your guests.

To create an attractive space your friends will love, check out the below six cool items for an impressive home bar.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

A Pinball Machine

Take your friends back to their youth with a pinball machine. When you’re not busy talking to your pals, you can play a game or two on a new or vintage pinball machine. It’s a great way to give your bar a retro feel while having fun in the home.

There are also many pinball machines  from some of the best manufacturers available, such as Bally Midway, Williams,
and Stern.

A Personalised Bar Sign

No bar would be complete without a personalised sign. It will make you feel a million miles
away from other rooms within the home, and it is a small detail that will leave a big
impression on your friends. There are also different styles available online to complement
your home bar’s interior design.

A Bottle Illuminator

Add style and sophistication to your home bar with a bottle illuminator. It’s ideal for those
who are proud of their collection and want to showcase it to their guests. You could also pick a product that comes with colour-changing LED lights to complement your mood and create a different atmosphere.

A Mini Fridge

Every home bar should have a mini fridge . It will avoid frequent trips to the kitchen each time you want a cold beer or mixer. There are, however, essential features you should look for in a mini fridge, such as:

  • A freezer section to store ice
  • Adequate space for tall bottles
  • A beer rack
  • Thermostat adjustment to regulate its temperature
  • A mini fridge will allow you to sit back and relax without having to leave your home bar.

Master Mixologist Tools

If you plan to whip up many cocktails or mocktails for you and your guests throughout the
years, invest in some master mixologist tools, such as a four-prong strainer and jigger. It will provide your loved ones with confidence that you know how to create delicious drinks, and it could also improve your bar skills. You’ll never buy cocktails from a bar again when you can create your own at home.

A Dart Board

A game of darts is another activity both you and your friends will enjoy at your home bar. It can add a touch of fun to your interior and there’ll be no room for small talk when you’re battling it out in a tournament.

You could also install a cabinet and built-in chalkboard to keep an accurate score. So, if you are planning to create a bar inside your home, the above cool items will ensure it has the wow factor.

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