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Kitchen tips: Dealing with common sink faucet issues


Sometimes, even a newly installed kitchen sink faucet can create troubles. If you are not aware of them, it is better to know what these can be and how you can tackle them. Having prior knowledge about the problems can help you solve them the right way. You can have easy access to your local plumber, but you cannot depend on your contractor for everything. They might not turn up on the same day because of prior engagement elsewhere. Finding another reliable plumber at short notice may also be challenging. Hence, it will be best to have an idea about what can go wrong and how you can fix it.

Since you don’t want to enter a kitchen that stinks of unwashed dishes or sounds of continuously dripping water, you may want to learn about a few things beforehand.

Kitchen Faucet

Exploring the different faucet problems and their best solutions

Leaking faucet

You may have bought your new faucet with so much excitement, but emotions change when it doesn’t work the way you had imagined. After installation, it can leak water. It cannot be pleasant for some people to put up with the constant dripping sound. And if the water drops splash when they hit the bottom of the sink, the neighboring area of the countertop can become dirty. Wastage of water is another issue. While it can be problematic, you don’t need to replace your faucet. You may have to change a few parts of it with proper tools.

Usually, leakage happens due to a loose-fitting of a particular part or screw. So, you can tighten nuts and bolts along with other components to ensure everything fixes well. You can also check the seal of the tap once. If damaged, you may have to replace it. You can do this job yourself without a plumber, though.

Inadequate water pressure

Due to the issue of low pressure, the flow of water can get affected. It can come out as a thin stream, hindering the average speed of your work. With the appropriate equipment, you can take care of this. The common reason behind this can be the accumulation of minerals or debris in the main water supply pipe. To get back the normal flow, you have to remove limescale buildup and other residues. For this, you may have to take off your faucet and aerator so that you can use vinegar on the dirty parts for cleaning. Once the sediments are out, the desirable water pressure can return.

In case this doesn’t solve, you may have to call a plumber to fix it. There can be something wrong with the main water pipe.

Damage due to use

A sink faucet in a busy kitchen has to face many challenges and still perform best. Frequent use can affect its sprayer or lever. This problem can occur if you bought a cheap faucet. If the damage takes place, you may struggle to manipulate these parts. In this situation, you may have to contact your plumber for repairing. You don’t have to worry about buying a new piece, though.

Anyway, a problem like this is avoidable to a great extent if you invest in the right quality and material. Browse through the collection of Kraus kitchen faucets to understand what can come in handy for this purpose. You can also encounter diverse options to find the most suitable feature for your kitchen habits.

Twisted hoses

Some pullout models can face this challenge due to temperature fluctuations. But there is nothing to stress about this. Your faucet will be safe. You may have to wait for the temperature to become normal so that the hose is back to its original condition without any effort.

Weak mounting job

The correct installation plays a critical part in the proper functioning of any plumbing fixture. If you are a DIY person and want to do it yourself, you should read all the instructions well before venturing out on this task. If you get started with the installation process as soon as you open the package, you can miss a few things here and there, increasing the chances of losing a piece or installing it wrong. Due to poor installation, you may eventually have to face many issues, such as low pressure, leakage, corrosion, etc.

Experts suggest that you should hire a professional if you are not confident about your plumbing skills. An experienced contractor can handle this job well and offer you optimum satisfaction.


Kitchen faucets can also age with time and use. It can erode some of the inside components. And if the water quality is not right, the rust sediments can add to the woes. The performance of the faucet may have to take a hit due to this. Simultaneously, the sign of rusting can also appear on the outside caused by the oxidation reaction. To fix this problem, you would have to call a plumber. The faucet may require replacement. Some homeowners do it themselves too. However, it requires proper knowledge and skill set.

From this, one thing is understandable that most of these challenges are manageable. You can fix many of them if you have adequate tools and skills. Or, you can seek your plumber’s help to get rid of them. However, if you want to avoid them as much as possible, make sure to invest in the proper model. Buy your product from a trustworthy store after reading all the specifications and care requirements. The pricing can be slightly higher than the local brands. But you can console yourself as you know it was an important decision.

And as mentioned already, the installation plays a critical role in your experience with a plumbing fixture. Hence, you have to be careful about it. If the faucet sits well in its place, you can make the most of it. You will not have to worry about its durability. When it eventually ages or succumbs to wear and tear, you don’t regret much because you would have extracted maximum value from its extended service.

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