PICTURE OF THE DAY: Susan Still Spelbound With Music


TALENT NATIONBritain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle revealed she will be back in the studio later this week recording a brand new series of songs. Susan’s first album I Dreamed A Dream was a smash hit in November 2009, going straight to number one in both the UK and US album charts making it the best selling record of the year with an incredible 10 million sales and rising. Smiling on her doorstep, she said: “I’m off to London this week, back in the studio recording. I’m looking forward to it.” Dance troupe Spelbound won Saturday’s grand final.

PICTURE by Lorenzo Dalberto.


  1. Oh My God! That’s the cutest, happiest, most fun, most beautiful picture in the whole world! Susan Boyle rocks!!

  2. Shout out: ***LORENZO DALBERTO*** A true artist, not just a pap, and apparently a really nice guy, too. Lorenzo, I love that your photos of Susan Boyle get right to her heart and soul. Hi Susan, have fun in the studio! 😀 Can’t wait for your albums and your book!

  3. Susan, what a cute pictue of you.. You look so happy and relaxed. Have fun recording in London. Can’t wait for your next album to come out. You ROCK!!!

  4. Susan looks so great and best of all jolly and having fun. I am so looking forward to her new music as I have the grooves in the other one worn down. I love this woman’s uniquely beautiful voice. God bless ‘er.

  5. Lorenzo, Great poses. You really have a knack for capturing the many aspects of Susan Boyle. Thank you for your gift.

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