NUS President welcomes new report

UNIVERSITY principals must deliver a firm commitment to ‘fair and equal’ consideration of the varied range and routes to qualifications soon to be available to pupils in Scotland’s schools.

This according to the report “Beyond the Senior Phase: University Engagement with Curriculum for Excellence” which was released today by Universities Scotland.

Robin Parker, NUS Scotland President, said: “Today’s report, and its recommendation of a review of admissions policy at every Scottish university, is a particularly welcome and timely plan. But this has to be the start of a much wider review of admissions, as we strive for true equality in our universities. 


NUS President welcomes the new report but  sees the need of a wider review of admissions

“In order to give proper ‘fair and equal consideration’ to students, as the report suggests, we can’t just rely on paper qualifications. Despite the myths surrounding it, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that when admissions policies take into account the wider context of a student’s background those admitted have just as much potential to succeed as students entering through more traditional routes.   

“Ultimately, we want to see universities place as much emphasis on future potential as current attainment. This report is a really positive first step in that process, and we would look forward to working with universities to carry on and develop it. However, it’s vital that each university fully involves students in any admissions review to make sure we take account of the context and background in which results are achieved, not just how they were achieved.”

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