Rare white crow rescued


THE Scottish SPCA has taken a rare breed of white crow under its wing after it was subjected to attacks from other birds.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity was called out to Glasgow’s Culloden Street after a local resident spotted the unusual species being swarmed.

Animal rescue officer, Ashley Griffen, found the bird and escorted it to the charity’s National Wildlife Centre in Fishcross, near Alloa where the now affectionately named Snowy is said to be recovering from his ordeal.

THAT’S ‘SNOW’ CROW – Snowy recovering thanks to the SSPCA

Centre Manager Colin Seddon said, “In 30 years of working with wildlife this is the first white crow I have ever handled.

“Snowy is not an albino crow as he has the normal blue eye colour that you would find in a black crow.

“He’s a juvenile bird who was quite weak when we found him but he is recovering well in our care.

“We are rehabilitating him in an aviary along with other birds and crows so this will let us see how he is accepted in a group.

“Clearly he has been able to survive up until now so we want to give him every chance of a normal life.

“When he’s fully fit, flying well and able to fend for himself we will release him back into the wild close to where he was found.”



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  1. If he is that special he Probably requires a special life. Don’t risk his life by letting him back in the wild. If he’s cared for sufficiently he should be very happy

  2. This is a wonderful news story, I study corvids and welcome positive crow news! I’d like to comment that I don’t believe this bird is a “species” or “breed”,as you suggest as such things I have not read about. Albinism is not unheard of in corvids although it is rare and notable.This crow may not be a true albino as indicated by its eye colour but I believe it is an albinoid- white as a result of impaired or reduced melanin.

  3. I am so glad he was rescued!! I don’t know if releasing him back into the wild is the best choice though. He was already in danger. Animals that have his trait have less of a survival rate, as they become easy targets for predators. He is unique and should be kept safe. That’s what this snowy the crow lover thinks anyway 😉

  4. I do hope the SPCA will contact an expert before releasing this bird and hoping for the best. I would suggest Vanessa at Corvidaid is the person to go to for advice.

  5. I am watching a white crow in my village in Cornwall at present. It isn’t pure white, but more a very pale grey. I belive it maybe a youngster as it flies with two other crows which I believe are it’s parents. One of these crows also has white patches. I am trying to get a photograph.

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