Family want justice over suspicious death


THE FAMILY of a Scottish woman who died mysteriously in Crete are devastated after being told no-one will be charged over her death.

Jean Hanlon, whose body was found in the sea off the Greek island, died four days after she was last seen alive in March 2009.

The 53-year old had three sons, Robert, David and Michael, who have fought bureaucracy and language barriers in an attempt to find out what really happened to their mother and finally get justice.

Jean Hanlon had worked on the island since 2005 (Credit: Beemwej)


A committee of court officials in Heraklion have ruled that there is not enough evidence in the case to bring any charges over the death of Ms Hanlon.

The divorcee, originally from Dumfries, was living on the island since
2005 and worked in bars and restaurants in the coastal village of Kato Gouves.

Ms Hanlon’s son, Michael Porter said that this latest news was just as devastating as finding out that his mother was dead.

He said: “I felt like my heart had been ripped out.

“It literally felt like the first day when they told me she was dead.”

The investigation into the suspicious death has been full of problems and delays.

The local coroner, who initially suggested that the death was accidental and caused by drowning, later said she died of a neck injury before her body ended up in the sea.

Greek police identified a Belgian and a Greek who both were friends of Ms Hanlon as two suspects.

The pair, who insist they are both innocent, became suspects due to inconsistencies in both of their statements but were released after they were questioned by police.

After investigations took place, it was revealed that Ms Hanlon’s diary showed that her relationship with a Greek man had become tense shortly before her tragic death along with complaints that she was being followed by a man in a car on the day that she died.

Speculations by family and friends suggest that she was killed in a traffic accident or possibly deliberately with her body being put in the sea as part of a cover-up.

David and Michael Porter have made plans to travel to Crete in the next few weeks to speak to their lawyer on the island in attempt to try and persuade authorities to re-examine the case.

David Porter, Ms Hanlon’s son said: “I’m really hoping we don’t go over there and he says there’s nothing more we can do.

“That’s my fear.”

The family have said they will not give up the campaign until justice is served. An online petition with over 800 signatures has already been set up to demand that the investigation continues.

Dumfries and Galloway Labour MP Russell Brown said that he was ready to explore the possibility of British Police getting involved if the Greek authorities are not willing to do more.

He said: “Would a couple of pairs of fresh eyes looking at this maybe come up with something different or see something they had perhaps missed?

“I want to try and examine in a bit more detail exactly what avenues are open for us.

“The family must be absolutely distraught, because they know that something has gone wrong here.

“Jean has died under suspicious circumstances and whoever is responsible for that is still out there.”

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