Parents disgusted after a tribute to their teenage daughter is stolen


GRIEVING parents have slammed thieves who stole a floral tribute to their teenage daughter.

Kim and Ian Black, from Perth were disgusted to learn that a wreath they had put down for their daughter had been stolen, just days after her funeral.

Their daughter, Megan, was one of two youngsters from Perth who died after a car accident last month.

Megan (right) and sister Kaytie
Megan (right) and sister Kaytie


The flowers were laid as a tribute to the 17-year-old at a grassy area next to the River Earn in Comrie, Perthshire, known locally as the boulevard.

Mrs Black said it was “disappointing” that someone would steal the flowers, from the grassy river bank next to the church.

She said:  “The Boulevard is a very special place to us and was a special place to Megan.

“My mum has died, but she was from Comrie and it was one of her favourite places, so I put flowers there for her.

“It’s just disappointing that this should happen.”

She added: “What can you say about someone who would do this? It’s disgusting.”

Megan’s parents heard about the theft through a family member, who noticed the tribute had gone earlier this week.

Mrs Black’s cousin, Nickola Loxley contacted the Perth and Kinross council to see if they had removed the flowers, but they had not.

In a post on the Comrie Perthshire Facebook page, Mrs Loxley said that she was “upset and disappointed” at the “insensitive” actions.

She said: “I am very upset and disappointed in our lovely wee village today. A family member of mine has suddenly and tragically lost their daughter recently. On Saturday they came up to the village and laid the funeral flowers at the graveyard where our granny & granddad and aunt is buried, they also went to the boulevard and laid some there.

“I went to the boulevard today, sadly the wreath/bouquet has disappeared.

“They were very obviously funeral flowers which makes this act all the more horrendous. We, as a family are going through a very difficult time at the moment and insensitive actions such as this leaves a very bitter taste.”

Other Comrie residents also expressed their disgust at the incident.

Gillian Brock wrote: “That’s disgraceful, how could anyone be so disrespectful.”

While, Ruth Murray said the actions were “thoughtless and heartless.”

However, the couple said they were “grateful” to hear that a local florist had planned to make a replacement wreath.

Nicola Carnegie, owner of Comrie Florist, said she was moved to action after hearing of the theft.

Mrs Black said: “We’re just so grateful to her. We don’t know her but she’d heard about it and got in touch with my cousin to say what she was going to do.

“I’ve only seen a photo of it but I will go up there and see it for myself. It’s a lovely gesture.”

Megan died after injuries sustained when the black Ford Fiesta she was in plunged down an embankment on the M90.

Jamie Scott, 19, also died after the accident, while Calvin Henderson, 19, was left in critical condition in hospital.

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