Woman found dead in Edinburgh has been named


A WOMAN found dead in her back garden in an upmarket area of Edinburgh has been named locally.

The body of Marilyn McLellan, 60, was discovered in a communal garden behind her terraced flat in Warrender Park Road, Marchmont.

Police have launched a probe into her death, which is being treated as unexplained.

Marilyn McLellan's body was found in a communal garden behind her flat in Marchmont, Edinburgh
Marilyn McLellan’s body was found in a communal garden behind her flat in Marchmont, Edinburgh


A neighbour discovered Ms McLellan’s body in a communal garden behind flats in the street at 8.30am on Sunday morning.

A worker at a nearby pizza shop said: “Yes, Marilyn died this morning
– the police told me.

“She was very quiet but troubled  – she never worked, she just tended the garden.

“She would always say hello to me though. She was very petite in appearance.”

It is thought Ms Mclellan had a son, James and daughter, Mhairi.

A neighbour added: “I woke up just before 7.30am on Sunday and heard an argument going on along the street outside the house.

“A woman was arguing and shouting at someone else.

“There was definitely more than one person involved.

“Students were up all night partying because they had finished exams but it was definitely someone older and not them.

“The whole thing onle lasted about ten minutes then I went back to bed.

“I have only lived here a few months but what I heard was definitely out of character for the area.”

A police spokesman said: “Police were called to an address in Warrender Park Road on Sunday morning upon the discovery of a woman’s body.

“The death is being treated as unexplained.”

No third party is thought to be involved and the death is not being treated as suspicious but a spokesman said inquiries were ongoing and asked for anyone with information to get in touch.


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