An anonymous artist responsible for series of book sculptures has struck again


AN ANONYMOUS artist responsible for a series of “intricate” book sculptures has struck again.

The artist’s latest sculpture left staff at the Edinburgh Unesco City of Literature Trust (EUCL) offices “gobsmacked” when they realised they were the latest to receive one of the masterpieces.

Staff at the offices began “squealing” when they noticed the “distinctive” handwriting belonging to the artist on the parcel.

The box was left at the EUCL offices in the capital

The package was delivered to the EUCL just a week after the charity launched their new app promoting book shops across the city.

It is also just three weeks before the Edinburgh International Book Festival is due to start.

Staff at the trust believe that this could be a come back from the artist in time for the festival, which starts in August.

Inside the small brown parcel was an old-fashioned travelling trunk covered in travel stickers.

Within the trunk was helmet with a beak attached to it, intricate feather wings and a route map of the UK with threads reaching out across it from Edinburgh.

Along with these was a tiny copy of Daphne du Maurier’s The Birds and Other Stories.

There was also a coded note with messages saying: “Free to Fly” and “looking to the skies.”

A message written on the outside of the package said: “In support of libraries, books, words and Ideas.”

The package was discovered by Ali Bowden, the director of Edinburgh Unesco City of Literature Trust.

Ms Bowden said that the trust’s staff were “completely blown away” to receive the sculpture.

She said: “It’s such an amazing, intricate piece. There was definitely a lot of squealing in the office when it arrived.

“I was walking past the mail tray when I noticed the parcel. When I saw the handwriting I immediately knew who it had come from. It’s not our normal type of mail so we were all absolutely gobsmacked. You couldn’t get a word out of us, we were completely blown away.

“We got a sculpture in 2011 at the book festival, so to get this one is an extra bonus.”

Ms Bowden added: “ We’ve been speculating wildly in the office about local artists that it could be. We were thinking it could be Rachel Hazel, but she has point blank denied it.

“But, I’m not sure I really want to know who it is. I like the mystery around it. That someone would make these and then give them away for free. I want the mystery.

“I think it’s all part of the festival and I will be keeping my eyes peeled there for any more sculptures. I think that it’s great that they are so passionate about literature and libraries like us, and that we share this.”

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