Naked man wrestles burglar out of moving car


A NAKED Dundee homeowner bravely wrestled a burglar from a moving car yesterday, after his wife disturbed the robbery.

Fearless Alan Smith, 52 grabbed hold of the door handle and was dragged over several feet by the speeding car.

The father-of-one successfully pulled the thief from the moving vehicle outside his Hill bank Gardens home in Dundee.

Naked man drags burglar from moving car as he tries to flee

The men began wrestling on the floor as Mr Smith desperately tried to overcome the burglar but the man escaped at around 4am.

 He saved the family car from being stolen, loaded with his TV and computers but the heartless burglar made off with two laptops, two iPods, car keys, speakers, mobile phones, cash and a watch.

 Alan said he was woken by his wife screaming and ran downstairs to confront the thief.

 He said: “I have never heard her scream like that before in my life.

 “I thought someone was hurting her.

 “He reversed out of my drive with some speed. I got hold of the door handle and ran for about 10 yards with the car moving.

 “I managed to open the door and pull him out. We struggled on the ground but I was naked and had stones in my feet and he got away.

 “It wasn’t until I came back in the house I saw the TV was gone.

 “My daughter came downstairs crying and saw her computer gone. Then I realised my computer was gone too.”

 He said his wife Denise had heard a noise earlier in the night and thought it was someone getting up for some water.

 She went downstairs and found all the doors open but she did not turn on the light.

 She closed the door and went back to bed with a book.

 About 15 minutes later she heard another noise and when she went back downstairs a second time she disturbed the man.

He shot out the patio doors and got into the car.

 Alan spent yesterday getting the locks changed, fixing doors and reinforcing the security but he said the damage done to his frightened family will not be so easily repaired.

 A Police spokesman described the suspect as being in his 20s, 5ft 10in, with black curly hair and wearing a black tracksuit top with white across the top.

 Officers are “pursuing positive lines of inquiry.”

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