A psychic bus driver has been sacked after he refused to pick up children because of a ‘premonition’


A PSYCHIC bus driver has been sacked after refusing to pick up schoolchildren – because had a “premonition” that something bad would happen.

The clairvoyant driver, who has not been named, left the children standing at the side of the road in Dundee.

But the driver failed to see what was coming for his career prospects when he was hauled in front of bosses at National Express last week.

After he explained that a psychic premonition led to him to leave children at the roadside, the driver was promptly dismissed.

The man insisted he left the children at the roadside because he sensed “something bad would happen”.

Yesterday the driver told his local paper that he planned to to fight his dismissal.

But Dundee Council’s education chief Councillor Stewart Hunter praised the bus firm for its tough stance.

“It’s good National Express has taken action and I’m sure they would be concerned too about kids not being picked up.”

“I can’t comment on what’s happened to the bus driver It’s important for kids to be able to get to school on time. If the bus doesn’t stop then that’s something that worries me.

But a spiritual medium has defended the man, saying it is “entirely possible he experienced a premonition”.

Ewan Irvine, who works at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh, as a medium said: “Although I don’t know much about the case itself, it is entirely possible that the man had a psychic sense something bad was going to happen.

“Speaking from personal experience, I know that when I get that weird, edgy feeling, I normally listen to it because it means something is going to happen, whether it be good or bad.

“Rather be safe than sorry.

National Express Dundee employs 360 people and has 130 coaches.

A spokeswoman for National Express Dundee declined to comment.

She said: “We don’t discuss conversations with individuals members of staff.”

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  1. Premonition or not – and there’s no detail as to whether his was a “feeling” or a clairaudient voice in his head or a vivid full-blown clairvoyant vision of a mechanical failure to his bus or an imminent crash-and-burn fatal accident – not a smart way for driver to handle this (says this school bus driver of 38 yrs in the USA who is sensitive to “inner intuition” in spite of childrens’ cacophony behind the driver’s seat). Maybe pull over, radio the dispatcher/supervisor to inquire about roadway hazards that have already been reported or even explain one’s apprehensions, and then either proceed w/ caution or await arrival of a substitute driver and bus per instructions of the supervisor/dispatcher, This would be a firing offense by our school district and our employer. How might “Rather safe than sorry” apply should one or more of those left-behind students, while waiting for the bus whose driver purposely chose not to pick them up, be kidnapped or struck by a motorist?

  2. Well done National Express.

    And to whoever wrote this story, if you do any more on so called ‘psychics’ or ‘clairvoyants’ you might want to do what I just did i.e. put those terms in inverted commas, and use the phrase self proclaimed. There is zero evidence that anyone has ‘psychic’ powers. When tested under controlled conditions they always fail. ALWAYS!

    You might also want to get a skeptical point of view instead of, or at very least as well as one from another so called ‘psychic’. If anyone claiming such ‘powers’ thinks I am wrong, then apply for the JREF Million Dollar Challenge.

  3. Wow. Nice dismissive article. There is mountains of evidence that psychic abilities are possible. It’s been studied and proven. Whether or not this individual had those abilities I cannot say. But he was merely trying to be responsible and keep his kids safe and no one should fault him for that.

    • I wish more people were as smart as the above comment. Of course, perhaps I should not be so quick to say that as I wouldn’t believe it either had I not heard of its accuracy from my mother & grandmother both. In fact, my grandfather who died when my mother was little saw a psychic shortly before his death which no one could have seen coming, of course. The psychic told him he would die soon, and he did. I have other examples from other encounters with psychics but I’d probably state that as my strongest example, as his early death came as a shock yet somehow someone had foreseen it. Of course had I not these real life examples I too would find the whole notion of psychics stupid. I for one am proud of the bus driver though. One time a bus driver at a local school made all the kids get off for annoying her. The bus driver in this instance was genuinely concerned for the children’s safety & even went to far as to risk his job for the sake of their wellbeing. That, to me, is admirable.

  4. Premonition or not he should not have just left the kids on the side of the road he should have made arrangements to at least get the kids to school on time there is no telling what could have happened to the kids not being on that bus

  5. There is ZERO factual and reproducible evidence about ANY psychic abilities, which always fail to register significant results when tested under controlled laboratory conditions.

    Look up James Randi, and see how he has held on to his money – despite offering to give it away to anyone who demonstrates such abilities. Anyone could easily become rich – if they were not all con artists, charlatans, or deluded.

    Anyone in a position of responsibility who defers to such things is not fit for such a job, and must be dismissed, otherwise their employer is culpable for any conseuences

  6. First, fire this dummy for endangering kids with his irrationality. Then, fire the parents who refuse to take their kids to the doctor or vaccinate them because of their irrationality.

  7. I smell a desperate lie here. WHEN did he reveal that he had had the premonition — before or after he was informed that he had missed a scheduled pickup?

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