Lotto winner banned for drink-driving trip to McDonald’s


BRITAIN’S youngest Lotto winner has been banned for drink-driving after she was caught three times over the limit at a McDonald’s drive through.

Jane Park, who scooped £1.6m on the lottery, was fined £900 and banned from driving for 18 months.

The 21-year-old had been enjoying a night out with friends when she drove to the takeaway in Edinburgh at 5.45am.

Staff noticed that Park was slurring her words while placing her order and called police, who could smell alcohol on her.

A test later established that Park, from Edinburgh, had an alcohol breath reading of 66 microgrammes, when the limit is 22.

Jane Park leaving Edinburgh Sheriff Court. (Picture by Wullie Marr)

At Edinburgh Sheriff Court today, Park admitted drink driving on October 8 last year.

Park’s defence solicitor, Stephen Mannifield, told the court: “It was a mistake, a young girl made a bad decision.”

Mr Mannifield assured Sheriff Gordon Liddle that Park “accepts that disqualification must follow”.

The lawyer told the court that his client had “substantial savings” and later added that Park would pay the £900 fine immediately.

Sheriff Liddle also recommended that Park enrol on a drink driver rehabilitation programme, pointing out that if she was successful it could reduce the period of her ban by four months.

He said: “It will make you aware of how dangerous being this much over the limit is.

“You could have killed someone and then you would have been in a different court on a different charge and lost your freedom for a considerable period of time.

“You could have ruined your family’s life and another family’s life.”

Park turned up to court wearing designer gear worth more than the £900 fine.

Jane Park leaving Edinburgh Sheriff Court. (Picture by Wullie Marr)

She chose for the occasion a red Canada Goose Hybridge Lite jacket worth £525.

She was also sporting a pair of Balenciaga trainers worth £425.

Park’s attire also included an Adidas hoody to cover up her reported £4,500 boob job and black leggings of unknown value.

She also sported hair extensions and fake nails pointed into claws, taking the cost of the entire ensemble well in excess of £1,100.

Jane park (Picture by Wullie Marr)

Park turned up to court at 9.30am, telling the first reporter she encountered to “f*** off.”

Inside the courtroom, Park greeted waiting journalists with a sarcastic, cheesy grin.

As the court waited for the sheriff to arrive, Park spotted another reporter and told a friend: “She’s a rat – rat, rat, rat.”

Outside, the Lotto winner appeared tearful and declined to make any comment.

The drink driving charge follows a turbulent three years for Park since she won the lottery, aged just 17, and with her first ticket.

Park recently complained that none of her friends understand how she feels and that no-one as young as she was should be allowed to scoop the jackpot.

Park even contemplated suing the UK’s National Lottery for negligence over her win.

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