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5 Industries Where Fingerprints Are Used


Fingerprints are patterns of ridges that serve as one of the most important tools to identify individuals on the basis of their fingerprint structure. The reason for it being such a reliable identification method and being widely used in many industries in the world is because of its persistence.

Every individual’s fingerprints are unique and they tend to remain unchanged for the rest of their lives, hence fingerprint identification is authentic.

Here are 5 industries where fingerprints are used:

1. Criminal Investigation

Fingerprints are heavily used in criminal investigation and it is quite understandable why. No criminal would come out and accept a crime, one has to investigate all the available signs to find the culprit, and fingerprint is usually the first proof one can have.

For example, one can extract fingerprints from the murder weapon and match it with the available fingerprints to find the culprit. This technique has been used for years as fingerprints are considered a legal proof and can help a culprit get the punishment that he or she deserves.

2. Workplaces

Many companies and warehouses work on fingerprint technology to provide access to specific employees. Today, workplaces are more secure than they were before, thanks to fingerprint security. Fingerprint devices are installed on doors to prevent unauthorised people from entering.

It works in a simple way. A person places a finger on the fingerprint device so that the prints are run in the database to find a match. If the match is found, the door’s unlocked, if it’s not then the request to enter is denied. Other than that, fingerprints are also used for attendance purposes as they provide an easy and a fast way to keep the attendance record of the employees. For this purpose, fingerprints are first recorded in the database so that they can be matched.

3. Banks

Banks are among some of the most secured places and why shouldn’t they be? Their work is to secure their customer’s money. Banks use fingerprint technologies for both customers and employees as it is a more safe than other options. A sign can be forged, but fingerprints cannot be.

ATM machines provide us the possibility to withdraw our money anytime. However, credit and debit cards can get stolen, which mean they are not very secure, this is why fingerprinting technology is rapidly being used in ATM machines. With this only an authorized person can go to an ATM and withdraw money as you will get access only if your fingerprint matches the recorded print.

4. Government Agencies

Passport offices and other government agencies use fingerprinting technology to help identify individuals. You can find fingerprinting information in Canada on several sites that covers how fingerprinting is used to identify people when it comes to immigration and other such procedures.

5. Education Centres

Schools, colleges and universities also use fingerprint devices to mark students’ attendance. Moreover, they are also used to help students check out books from libraries, log in to their individual accounts etc.

Fingerprinting technology has made the world safer and faster.