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Why UK Businesses Should Consider Investing in External Storage


Modern business owners and managers are working busier lives than ever before. Many entrepreneurs never really consider the logistical challenges that are faced when expanding a business.

Depending on the exact nature of your business, these challenges can range from storing and moving stock, expanding computer systems and other infrastructure, and expanding your admin or human resources department.

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Whatever your business is, there are a number of good reasons that you should consider investing in some off-site external storage.


External storage units offer a high level of security. Remember, these people are in the business of keeping your stuff safe and secure. Not only will these facilities be locked up at night but they will almost certainly have CCTV covering the majority of the site. An example of this can be seen through the Storage Giant Cardiff Units which have 24/7 CCTV monitoring to ensure that your items are constantly being monitored and protected. Visible security systems deter thieves and make these facilities rare targets, but when they are, they are still ready to respond.

If your business is storing items of significant monetary value or anything that is irreplaceable, then security will be one of your primary concerns. You should thoroughly review any storage business you intend to do business with before committing to anything.

As well as offering security from theft, storage facilities will also offer security in the form of protection and insurance from damage arising from flooding, fire, or even the rare case of negligence. Many storage centres use sprinkler systems, which are triggered in the event of a fire, to isolate any fires that occur inside a storage unit and prevent the fire from spreading along the corridors. They do this by raining a special substance (not just water) down from sprinklers along the hallways and corridors. The storage units themselves will not use sprinklers, to avoid damaging fragile items.

Flood protection will vary depending on where you are located. Some areas of the UK are prone to flooding and buildings of this type have developed a number of techniques to keep storage units as protected as possible. Many storage units, however, will have minimal flood protections in place as they do not expect to be flooded. If preventing flood damage is vital, then check with the storage provider beforehand to see what measures they have in place.

Storing Records

While the modern business landscape is almost entirely computer oriented, there are still many businesses who accrue large piles of paperwork as part of their day to day functioning. Storing paper records is almost a lost art these days. It isn’t as easy as simply sticking them in a drawer and forgetting about them.

Whether these are original documents or backup copies, you will want a peace of mind guarantee that they will be protected from damage. For the storage of documents, your biggest concern is going to be water damage. Ensure that the units you rent are waterproof and if there is a sprinkler system inside then make sure your papers are stored in a waterproof container.

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Short of visiting a very specialist kind of storage service for paper documents, your best bet will be to invest in something appropriate, meaning waterproof and preferably airtight, to place your documents inside. You can then put this inside a storage unit and take advantage of the additional fire and theft security they offer.

If your business makes lots of backups and copies of physical documents, it is often a good idea to store the copies and the originals in separate locations. If your business needs access to original documents then you may want to keep them nearby; if not, then consider using a storage unit to keep them safe.

Make Way for A Refit

As part of a wider business expansion, or just as a reward for hitting your targets, you might want to occasionally refresh the landscape at the office and undertake some redecoratingWhile the work is going on, you may well want to keep sensitive or easily damaged items such as computers in a safe location.

An external storage unit provides a safe and secure environment where you can leave expensive and fragile items, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be damaged by any of the construction work.

Similarly, if your business is upgrading its base of operations and moving into a new office, you can use external storage units to keep furniture safe so that it can be moved into your new digs in stages.

Backup Your Backups

Finally, every tech-savvy business makes regular backups of its systems to different online and offline storage devices. It is a good idea to periodically transfer backups to hard drives and move those hard drives into storage to keep a long-term, stable backup ready to go.

External storage services offer a secure and reasonably priced option for keeping furniture and other items safe for businesses. Look online to find providers near you and don’t be afraid to pick up the phone to discuss security arrangements with them.

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