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You can always learn any necessary live football score at any time of the day on the website of sports statistics. Here you can follow both specific confrontations and changes in the tournament tables in general.

The season 2018-19 will be remembered first of all by the tense struggle for gold medals in the German national championship. For the first time in several years, Bayern faced a truly worthy competitor. Most of the season, Dortmund Borussia occupied the first position of the standings. It seemed that the Bumblebees would be able to interrupt the hegemony streak of the team from Munich, because sometimes their gap from the team of Niko Kovac reached 9 points.

However, after the New year, the football live scores of the matches featuring Borussia clearly demonstrated that the team still has something to work on. Regular misfires and loss of points in the games against less strong teams led to the fact that Bayern were able to easily win back the point deficit. Moreover, during the face-to-face match, it was Munich who defeated their competitors and raised on the top of the standings.

Photo by Tevarak Phanduang on Unsplash

In the remaining matches, Bayern has beat almost all rivals and deservedly got another gold. Promising and interesting to the fans, Borussia again failed to win even one trophy at the end of the season, although in the future they will certainly be able to show themselves, because the team has much room to grow.

Teamspositions in the Bundesliga table

Another success of Bayern is doubly surprising given the fact that the team had a very difficult time at the beginning of the season. There were constant rumors about the dismissal of Niko Kovac, as well as about his conflicts with the leaders of the team. However, the situation gradually improved, and the club simply had no competitors on the domestic arena. This had a positive effect on the place the team managed to win in the Bundesliga table.

The strengths of the club include:

  1. Great teamwork.
  2. Excellent selection of performers in each of the lines.
  3. High level of performance.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of veterans in the team, they also did not disappoint the fans and in the decisive matches gave their all at 100%. After the season 2018/19 has ended, Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben have left the club. They both were the leaders of Bayern, which won the Champions League and was a formidable force against any European grandee.

This is another evidence of the fact that the club is looking forward and wants to be competitive not only in the domestic, but also in the international arena. The team once again confidently finished the season at the first position of the results table of Bundesliga and managed to extend its winning streak, despite the serious competition of rivals.

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