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Scottish Everyday Heroes Star in Belstaff Campaign


Top fashion brand, Belstaff, has signed up five Scottish everyday heroes for its latest high-end fashion campaign.

It provides a unique insight into the lives of ordinary people, working and living in extraordinary circumstances.

About the campaign and its commissioned photographer

Luxury brand Belstaff, set up the “Everyday Heroes” campaign in order to highlight the extraordinary lives everyday Scots leads, and the fascinating and beautiful landscapes which unite them.

Heading to some of the most remote parts of the highlands, the brand commissioned top photographer, Emily Garthwaite, to interview and photograph these heroes; creating a superb multimedia project.

It was Emily’s gradual, methodical approach, combined with her passion for capturing the lives of people living in conflict, which landed her the job.

Who are the stars of the Everyday Heroes campaign?

The five chosen everyday heroes from remote parts of Scotland include:

Guy Greieve

A TV presenter and writer from Mull who set up his own Ethical Seafood company in 2010.

Guy Grieve spent an entire year living in Alaska (Photos Supplied)

Used to extreme conditions, he spent an entire year living in Alaska.

He’s even taken his wife and young sons on an epic 15,000-mile journey from Venezuela to Scotland.

Rebecca Munro

Small café owner Rebecca Munro and her family live on the tiny remote island of Ulva.

Rebecca Munro spends her spare time renovating houses (Photos supplied)

The island’s long and fascinating history draws tourists in who are looking to trace their ancestral roots.

She spends her spare time renovating houses, as part of a community ownership scheme to encourage more people to set down roots on the island.

Bryce Cunningham

After Bryce Father and Grandfather passed away, he found himself at the helm of his family business.

Bryce Cunningham helped his father’s farm become huge success story (Photos Supplied)

Mossgiel dairy farm in Ayrshire has become a huge success story under Bryce through his adaption of the business in order to overcome the hard times the dairy industry faced.

Simplifying farming process and adopting Sustainable practices was at the forefront of his changes and this has led to him working closely with the Scottish government on the sustainability of farming processes.

Fiona Boa

Farmer Fiona Boa operates a successful 2,000-acre farm in Dervaig, Mull.

Her family have been in the farming industry for generations, and Fiona is testament to her tough heritage after making the farm successful despite the incredibly challenging conditions on the island.

She’s one of the few female farmers in the region, helping to inspire and motivate young girls looking to get into the sector.

John Ogden

One of the more recognisable names on the list is John Ogden. Well-known in Oban, John was born in Scarborough but moved to Oban in 1990.

There he set up a small shack in Oban harbour, which has managed to attract tourists from all over the globe. His prawn sandwiches have become particularly sought after!

These everyday heroes show what can be achieved, even in the most rural and most challenging climates. Belstaff has aimed to highlight these inspiring life stories, while showing how top-quality outerwear can help to cater to the demands of these hard-working people.

It’s used the unique photographic project to celebrate the launch of its newest Belstaff Icons collection.

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