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Dogs Can Help Improve Your Heart Health According to Studies


If you didn’t already hold a special place in your heart for dogs, you will now.

Not only do our four-legged friends bring happiness to our lives and act like another member of the family, but studies have also now shown that dogs can improve the heart health of their owners.

Dogs have been used for a long time for medical purposes, including visits to children’s hospitals to improve mood, but now it looks like our little canine friends are capable of so much more.

So, What’s the Link?

Pet ownership, in general, has been associated with decreasing the chance of cardiovascular disease for many years, especially for dog owners.

This being said, there is no definitive relationship between them both. What this does mean is that dog owners could play a part in a strategy to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

As heart disease is one of the leading contributors to death around the world, we need to do everything we can to stop this. One study found evidence that suggests dog owners have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, which all help with lowering the risk of heart disease too.

Several Studies Have Been Carried Out Around Dog Ownership and Health

ne study carried out showed that those who owned dogs had lower blood pressure compared to those humans who did not own a dog. (C) Berkay Gumustekin

Although there isn’t a cause and effect relationship around dogs and the prevention of cardiovascular disease, there have been other studies that prove that dogs improve heart health, which in turn will reduce the risk of any heart disease.  

One study carried out showed that those who owned dogs had lower blood pressure compared to those humans who did not own a dog.

This is more than likely due to the calming effects dogs have on their owners, plus the fact that dogs need walking so we exercise and get moving more.

Several studies have also discussed the “pet effect” in which those who touch a pet, particularly dogs, have lower blood pressure whilst touching them.

Should I Get a Dog?

If you already own a dog, then great news. You get to reap all these benefits and many more of having your very own little furry friend.

If not, dogs can have a very calming effect on humans and are great for those who live on their own who want some company, but you need to be sure you have the means to look after them, as they shouldn’t be purchased solely for improving your own health.

If you are considering a dog, you will need to think about the cost, including things such as food, vet bills, and pet insurance.

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Owning a dog can provide many benefits and can keep people active whilst taking them out for walks. Dogs have been used in the medical field for years and studies will surely continue to prove the many amazing health benefits canines can provide for us.

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