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Places to Visit on Your Trip to Japan


If you are looking for a way to escape the monotonous everyday life, going on a trip may be the perfect solution.

Going on a trip to Japan may be even better. The unique combination of traditional and contemporary lifestyle is what makes a vacation in Japan special.

There are so many reasons for visiting the Land of the Rising Sun. You will get to enjoy the oriental atmosphere while using the most efficient public transport there is.

People you will get to meet are polite. The food you will get to taste cannot be compared to anything you have ever eaten. The sights of this eastern country are at the opposite end of the spectrum from gambling at a casino for real money.

In the spirit of discovering new places, read the following list. It contains all the places you must not miss on your trip to Japan.


Kyoto is the center of the Japanese culture, the Japan from your imagination. If you want to stay in one place in this oriental country, Kyoto should be your number one choice.

There, you will see bamboo forests, wooden teahouses, and geishas in their colorful kimonos. Tradition is very important to the Japanese people, and this city is its perfect representation. Everything is a ritual — from dining and tea ceremonies to visits to shrines and temples.

However, in order to experience everything Kyoto has to offer, explore the suburbs and mountain areas instead of staying downtown.

Listen to the sounds coming from temples in Higashiyama while you walk down the narrow streets and get lost in the surroundings you have only seen in movies.

Chureito Pagoda, Fujiyoshida-shi, Japan looking at Mount Fuji

Admire the beauty of geisha in Gion and explore the nature of Arashiyama.

Piece of advice: make sure you go to temples in the morning as they are usually crowded with tourists.


The next entry on the list features the complete opposite of Kyoto. While the two cities are both popular tourist attractions, they are very much different.

The capital of Japan offers everything the modern Japanese civilization is known for. It is an urban metropolis located in the heart of the Orient.

As such it has everything you would expect from a big city. Busy streets, unusual fashions, and skyscrapers are just a few characteristics of Tokyo.

Moreover, it is the center of unique Japanese cuisine. Food is the aspect of their tradition that permeates even the most contemporary places.

However, the most prominent features of Tokyo are all the activities it offers. There are themed bars, arcades, and shows, as well as some of the extraordinary festivals you have probably read about online.

Tokyo is less of a traditional Japanese city and is certainly not as appealing as Kyoto. Nevertheless, it is the capital of the country for a reason, so you ought to visit it at least once.


Takayama is a secluded resort that can amaze you with its charms. It is not among the most popular tourist attractions in Japan.

Therefore, you will be pleasantly surprised once you discover it. It is located on the edge of the Japan Alps. Its position makes it remote enough to preserve the atmosphere of a charming small town.

However, since it is a Japanese small town, it differs from every place you have visited before. One glance at the customary wooden houses in the historic center of the town, ornate shrines, bridges, and trees, and you will realize what is so special about this place and why it has earned a spot on this list.

Enjoy a quiet vacation by visiting local markets and walking along empty streets in the morning. Visit the Festival Floats Exhibition Hall and see why this is everything but an ordinary small town.


Mount Fuji is one of the most popular sights in Japan. It is the first landmark on a list of many people who visit the country.

However, this glorious mountain is often difficult to see. Clouds usually hide it thanks to its position, so you should not rely on the sight of it to be your most memorable moment from the trip to Japan.

Torii Gate

When it is visible, it can be seen from numerous places, Hakone being one of them. This town may be the right choice because of everything it has to offer aside from a view of the mountain.

In addition to being close to Tokyo and therefore, easy to reach, Hakone has benefits such as unique means of transportation. Other than the usual ones, such as trains and buses, you can embark on a pirate boat and go on a cruise.

While exploring this unusual town, make sure to relax by soaking in a hot spring. Enjoy having dinner in a traditional inn, also known as a ryokan. If you happen to be unlucky and unable to see Mount Fuji, see the next best thing — the sculpture gallery at Hakone Open Air Museum.


Kanazawa is slowly turning into what Kyoto used to be before becoming a popular tourist attraction.

It is a city with charms similar to those of Kyoto but with fewer visitors and therefore, a quieter atmosphere, closer to the one you may seek. If you want to see a geisha exiting the typical Japanese wooden houses and be at a secluded place at the same time, go to Kanazawa.

Once you are there, you should not miss its garden. It is considered to be one of the country’s most beautiful ones. Among other landmarks of Kanazawa are its castle and a number of art museums.

Visit this remote and almost secret center of the Japanese culture before traveling enthusiasts discover it.

Reveal the Secrets of the Orient

Aside from the ones in the listed cities and towns, the large Land of the Rising Sun holds a lot of other sights and landmarks.

Begin your journey by deciding what aspect of Japan you want to explore first. From that point on, let the country guide you further.

Combine your passion for culture, tradition, beauty, and delicious food, and you will soon uncover all the other places worth visiting.

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