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Key Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2020 UK iGaming Conferences


The iGaming industry is entirely based on the growth of the internet and the evolution of related digital technologies. Due to the frenetic pace at which the entire field of information technology is evolving at the moment, iGaming too is in a constant state of progress.

Instant access is the byword in a world where everything is connected to the web. The gambling industry has benefited a lot from this phenomenon. These days, mobile devices can masquerade as HD cameras, music players, video players, and more. 

And now thanks to the evolution of the iGaming industry, it can even become a full-fledged mobile casino at the drop of a dime! But given the pace of advancement in computer and mobile technologies, you don’t even have the time to pause and marvel at the progress we have made in a matter of years. 

Instead, we are already staring at the future of online casino gaming, with many exciting new technologies showcased at prominent industry conferences. As we enter 2020, the scope and reach of these industry gatherings are also widening. 

The Increased Importance of Marketing & its Implications

For instance, in a field dominated by the software providers and hardware manufacturers, it’s not uncommon now for affiliates to have stands.

The Better Collective, XLMedia, Traffic Fusion are all sure to be there showing off their latest sites and how they plan to dominate the Google SERPs in 2020.

Olivia King from Traffic Fusion was happy to share their latest site targeting no deposit players, “We will be introducing new sites such as NoDeposit365 and many more as we continue to increase the size of our portfolio.”  

This is not surprising, given the level of saturation in the online casino industry. There are thousands of operators across the world, with major markets like the UK boasting of at least 800+ licensed operators. 

Given this level of density, iGaming operators have to focus on creating unique experiences that can distinguish their brand from the rest of the pack. And given the largely democratic and inclusive nature of the internet (if you have the funds to invest, you can gain access to the latest tech and games) they cannot afford to ignore marketing either. 

At the moment, online casinos largely offer the same template of casino gaming experience. Hence, affiliate marketing and other intensive tactics are necessary to bring in the players. But as the current industry trends will show, new technologies that are entering the arena could change all these in a matter of years. 

Big Data Analytics 

Online customers in any industry tend to be a fickle bunch, and very demanding as well. Who can blame them, since the web provides them with a plethora of choices! This is also true in the iGaming industry.

This will decide who wins and who loses.

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

In the near future, casinos which can correctly predict and anticipate the behavior of its players will have a significant edge (above and beyond the house edge they all have!). Each instance a player logs into an online casino, they create a treasure trove of data.

Soon, it will be possible to analyze this data using sophisticated algorithms and AI technology to understand the needs of each individual player. This could result in extremely personalized casino experiences to all, resulting in an online casino experience that could make each player feel as though they are getting a high-roller exclusive treatment. 

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

The main gripe about online casinos is that they cannot compare to real-life casinos when it comes to the sensory experience. And the sights and sounds of a Vegas Casino is truly something else, with an amazingly hypnotic effect.

Now with Virtual Reality technology, online casinos are getting closer to replicating this feel, at least as far as the eyes and ears are concerned. Video gaming has already embraced VR, with equipment like Steam VR, Oculus Rift from Facebook, PlayStation VR from Sony, and so on.

Casinos now have two options to implement VR in gaming. One involves the use of 3D enabled video technology. Many online casinos already use live streaming games, which involved real human dealers hosting games in a studio. If you combine these two, the results would be very immersive indeed. 

Another option is the use of graphics. Modern video slots have come a long way in terms of graphical quality and fidelity.

With 5G speeds already introduced in many parts of the casino, software developers can now look forward to creating bigger, more complex casino games with more detailed graphics. Combine these with VR technology and we have a winning combination. 

The massive success of games like Pokémon Go has shown us the potential of augmented reality games. These are games that show the real-world images, but with extra graphics and special effects super-imposed on them.

Instead of completely rendering a virtual world, software developers can use the real world with casino enhancements on top for an out of this world feel!

Blockchain Payments & Other Implementations

People know of only one major implementation of blockchain technology – bitcoins. Online casinos already have a fondness for this and other popular cryptocurrencies. They offer some vital features to regular casino players, mainly in areas of privacy and security. 

But due to the regulatory hostility towards cryptocurrencies (governments don’t like the idea of a currency they cannot control or monitor, for obvious reasons), bitcoin gambling has largely remained on the fringes of the industry. 

The underlying technology behind cryptos, called blockchain, is not considered a pariah by the powers that be. Everyone from Silicon Valley to Wall Street firms and small startups are looking for ways to exploit the many strengths of blockchain. 

Online casinos too could benefit from the use of blockchain, due to its superior security features, transparency, and incredible flexibility.

Using a token system, based on blockchain technology, would be one of the simplest ways to implement it in a casino. It could work just like the chips you get at a Vegas casino.


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