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5 Steps to set up healthy routines while working from home


Working from home can offer many benefits – more control over your time and
schedule, ability to plan meals more effectively, and a reduction in time spent
commuting. But, it can also exacerbate other issues – for example, many people
who begin working from home, away from the office, can experience difficulty in
delineating “work time” from “personal time”.

However, if you set your mind to it, and spend a little time planning, you can
incorporate healthy routines into your work-from-home schedule with ease. Once
you put regular meditation and exercise into your calendar and incorporate
relaxing techniques into your flow throughout the day, there’s a good chance you
won’t even miss the office at all.


It can feel hard to come by, but genuine relaxation can provide wide-ranging
benefits. And you don’t need to set aside an hour or more to accomplish this –
which can often feel like a daunting task. Moments of relaxation are accessible
through natural products, breathing techniques, and essential oils. You just need to
know how to use them!

CBD, also known as hemp extract, is a natural, organic and gentle product that’s
becoming more and more popular on the wellness market, due to its versatility,
gentle effects, and beneficial properties.

Unlike cannabis, CBD Hemp Flower is non-psychoactive, meaning that it does not
create unwanted mental, emotional, or physical effects. You can expect no
symptoms of paranoia, nervousness, or even the experience of impairment. But,
many users report experiencing better sleep, clearer thought processes, and calm
that permeates their being in a very therapeutic way.

CBD is also available in a variety of forms, making it easy to incorporate into your
healthy lifestyle! CBD Capsules, hemp flower pre-rolls, CBD gummies, and infused
oils and lotions are all wonderful products that deliver the gentle, yet effective
benefits of CBD in the channel that’s best for you and your body.

Photo by Enecta Cannabis extracts on Unsplash


Meditation is a wonderful tool with which to cultivate self-awareness. Setting aside
just 10-20 minutes per day, to sit in a tranquil space and connect with self, can
reduce stress levels, promote healthy digestion, and deepen your sleep cycles.
Individuals from all walks of life have utilised meditation and mindfulness
techniques to connect with themselves, their communities, and enhance their well-

Time spent focusing on the breath allows you to see what’s important – and let go
of what’s not. The daily grind of our fast-paced world can make it difficult to tell the
difference, wreaking havoc on the health of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

There are many resources for meditation available today, from books and courses
to apps and online webinars. And they are tailored to every schedule and lifestyle.
Whether you have just a few minutes or an hour to spend some time connecting
with your inner self, it will be time well spent.


Sunshine, fresh air, and the energy of nature can be extremely powerful healing
properties for the mind, body, and spirit. Even if you don’t have much time in your
busy schedule, you can find ways to benefit. Just try eating your lunch outside, or
taking a short walk.

Regular cardiovascular engagement has been shown to improve the functioning of
multiple body systems. But, did you know that mental and emotional health also
see a marked improvement with regular exercise?

If you’re feeling stressed in the evenings, a short walk, or even sitting on the porch
and enjoying the sunset can make an incredibly positive impact on your mood. And
if you can spend a whole day outside, hiking or paddling, or just sitting in a field,
you can allow your emotions and your body systems some time to unwind.

Journaling and Self-Care

Another easy way to improve your overall health and well-being is to start a journal.
It can be anything from a list of dreams and goals to a reflection on what you’re
grateful for, or even a place to let out disappointments and frustrations safely. For
emotional health and stress relief, it is paramount to allow yourself to experience
the full range of your emotions, even the “negative” ones.

Pressuring yourself to “just get over it” or hold in your feelings creates a toxic
environment in your body and mind, and impacts the body’s natural ability to heal
itself. Try setting aside just 5-10 minutes every day to check in with yourself and ask
yourself how you’re feeling. Then, just observe what arises.

Your journal is a great place to allow your feelings to come out in their natural way,
whether it’s through drawing, doodling, free-writing, or making lists. You deserve
some time to be free of judgement and let your mind peacefully exist, just as it is.


Sufficient rest is one of the simplest and most effective ways to support all of your
body’s systems. Many of your organs detoxify and regenerate themselves during
the night, so allowing the time for your body and mind to rest is imperative for
health and wellness.

Your mental and emotional well-being is also inextricably linked to sufficient, high-
quality sleep. Studies have shown that, over time, a lack of sleep can cause memory
issues, a lack of concentration, and an increased risk of depression and anxiety. It
also negatively impacts your immune system and can cause stress-related skin
issues like hives, increased redness, and hormone-related breakouts.

The solution? Make time for sleep! Set an alarm to remind yourself to start winding
down an hour or two before bedtime – preferably, without electronics. The blue
light in many electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and smart TVs can impair
your brain’s ability to wind down effectively. Set the mood for rest by spraying your
pillow with lavender essential oil, reducing the lighting, and connecting with your
breathing. Once you set up habits like these, your body and mind will respond with

At the end of the day, always remember that you are deserving of time and space
to reconnect with who you are. To allow the amazing mechanism that is your body
the nourishment and support it needs to keep you going.

The results will be far-reaching, gentle, and powerful. No matter where you start,
peace will be the result.

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