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Basics of a Brachial Plexus Medical Malpractice

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The main network of the nerves is named as the brachial plexus and has the main job of sending all the signals to the shoulders, arms, and hands through the spinal cord.

These nerves can be damaged when the brachial plexus experiences injuries due to a stretched or a compressed nerve, and in some serious instances, the nerves are ripped from the spinal cord itself. A brachial plexus medical malpractice can also cause damage to the nerves and cause the patient a lifelong disability. 

Causes of Brachial Plexus

These injuries can be caused by contact sports like tennis or football, as well as tumors or inflammations such as cancer treatments. It is experienced by newborns as well during difficult birth procedures and at times due to the negligence of doctors. This is why many parents pursue a brachial plexus lawsuit so they can provide justice to their children who suffer from this condition.

The symptoms felt by the affected individuals can vary in severity from mild loss of sensation to partial paralysis. If your child suffers from a brachial plexus injury, it is possible he/she is looking at a lifetime of disability, and this is why a brachial plexus medical malpractice personal injury lawyer is so important. So parents whose kids suffer from this condition due to the negligence of a hospital or doctor can get justice for their children.


There are various symptoms of brachial plexus, which depend on the injury of each patient in regard to the severity of the issue. For less severe brachial plexus injuries, the damage is minor, which can result in numbness or a burning feeling. This is mostly caused by sports such as wrestling or football. As for the more severe brachial plexus injuries, the patient is unable to utilize some muscles in the arm, shoulder, or hand. The main cause of this type of injury is accidents where the root of the nerves is broken off from the spinal cord. 

The pain from these injuries may subside over time. However, they might also cause permanent issues like muscle atrophy, stiffness in the joints, and even more complicated issues like physical disabilities.


The damages to the brachial plexus are unpredictable, meaning that no one can prevent them, but we can follow some guidelines to reduce the risks of any injuries to the nerve system. One way is by taking good care of you through motion exercises and attending physical therapy sessions to avoid any stiffness in the joints. Also, it is recommended to use padding when taking part in any sports activities. As for young children, it is crucial to exercise their muscles and joints from an early age, i.e., when the baby is only some weeks old which will prevent the stiffness in their joints as well as make their muscles stronger, resulting in a healthier child.

Consulting a doctor

It is best to consult a doctor and seek professional medical advice when experiencing any symptoms such as neck pain, swelling, or stinging pain in the arms. Whenever visiting a doctor, make sure that they are trusted in-patient care, especially when it comes to performing complex surgeries. Also, it is a good practice to have different opinions from well-renown doctors or surgeons as well.

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