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The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Pets


As you finalize your summertime travels, you might be planning to bring along your furry friend. Maybe you’re embarking on a wilderness adventure or perhaps just relaxing on the beach. Traveling with pets can be stressful, but with several simple travel tips, you can eliminate anxiety and have a wonderful vacation.

Research Your Airline

If you’re planning on flying with your four-legged friend, make sure to look into airline policies for flying with animals. Avoid hassle and stress by booking your flight far in advance. If your budget allows, consider booking an extra seat so you and your pet have enough room on the journey.

Make sure your pet carrier is airline approved. A comfortable carrier is helpful for pets to relax while flying. Choose a brand that offers plenty of air ventilation and is easy for you to carry in addition to your luggage.

CDC quarantine station with the sniffer dog checking the items of the bag
CDC quarantine station with the sniffer dog checking the items of the bag. Photo by CDC on unsplash

Pack the Necessities

Make a comprehensive packing list ahead of time, so you don’t feel rushed the night before leaving. Bringing along the right supplies will make you and your pet feel much happier on your trip.

A good packing list should include:

  • Travel Bowls – These bowls are lightweight and easy to clean—perfect for a long trip.
  • Food – Bring enough food to last through the journey and purchase more on arrival.
  • Medications – Any current meds, plus any flea or tick prevention for the destination.
  • Favorite Toys – Having their favorite toy can make an animal feel more at home.
  • Identification – Make sure tags and microchips are up to date.
  • Gear for all Weather – If applicable, bring gear to keep your pal warm in the winter.

You know your pet better than anyone, so run through your daily routine to make sure you bring everything you need.

Use CBD to Calm Your Pet

If your pet struggles with travel anxiety, consider using CBD to help calm their nerves. Just like with humans, CBD is a safe and natural way to help your pet relax. CBD is helpful for pets who suffer from separation anxiety, motion sickness, joint pain, and more. A long airplane ride can be uncomfortable, so this is an easy way to give your four-legged friend some much-needed relief. Your pet (and your fellow-travelers) will thank you for soothing your pet’s tumultuous tummy and nerves.

Book Pet-Friendly Hotels

When researching places to stay, make sure wherever you’re looking is a pet-friendly location. Look online to see which hotels accommodate pets, so you’re not surprised upon arrival. Having a cozy place to stay is essential for a relaxing getaway.

If hotels aren’t your style, look for online vacation rentals that accommodate pets. Often you can find rentals that include outdoor space, so your pet has room to explore. If you’re planning on staying in an urban area, look for rentals that are close to parks.

Plan Activities Your Pet Will Love

Traveling with a pet is about creating an experience that you both will enjoy. Make sure you’re structuring your time, so you’re not leaving your pet behind all day in a hotel room. Of course, you might want to fit in time at the museum or out for dinner, but plan some activities ahead for you and your furry friend.

Some suggestions include:

  • Day Hikes – Hiking is not only a great exercise for you and your pet, but it’s also a great way to take in the natural beauty of a new locale.
  • Swimming – If you have a dog (or a quirky cat) who loves to swim and your destination is near a body of water, make sure you plan some time for you and your pet to splash around! Do your research beforehand to see which beaches allow pets.
  • Playdates – If you’re visiting family or friends with pets, set up walks or playdates in their backyard! Even better, if you stay with your loved ones, let someone else watch your pets so you can enjoy a day out on the town.

Your Dream Vacation
There’s no doubt about it:
having a pet significantly improves your life. A cat or dog can be a wonderful source of comfort and connection. Traveling with your furry companion should feel relaxing and rejuvenating. With just a little planning, your travels will feel effurtless.

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