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How to clean commercial bakery oven racks: bakery racks maintenance tips


It would be hard to imagine the efficient performance of bakeries without heavy-duty bakery racks. Such a space-saving solution for compact extra storage is available not only for bakeries but for any catering establishment that deals with preparing large quantities of desserts and a variety of baked goods straight from the oven, so competent optimization of prep processes is of high importance in order to satisfy every client.

Freshly baked products are impossible to serve without bakery racks on casters for better mobility and quick transportation of cookies, cakes, muffins, sweet goods, confections. Such type of equipment as bakery pan racks comes in different sizes, configurations, and storage capacity for holding up to 20 sheet pans.

Photo by Theme Photos on Unsplash
Photo by Theme Photos on Unsplash

For a solid solution, pick AmGoodSupply racks. The following inherent features convince anyone of the reliability of the purchased product for your bakery, pizzeria, cookie store, restaurant, cafe, or chocolate factory:

  • ideal for environments with high temperature: can withstand heat with no option of deterioration;
  • durable aluminium material enhances longer lifespan: resistant to rust and corrosion, bakery racks will last for years;
  • space-efficient solution for commercial food prep needs: you can place a certified sheet pan rack with mounted wheels anywhere at your commercial space, delivering flexibility due to its quality of moving freely around the area.

Advice for keeping bakers’ racks clean and well-maintained

Perfect for tight commercial kitchens and transporting ready-made baked food, racks will safe space. However, regardless of food prep goals, poorly maintained and cleaned bakery pan racks will negatively impact the efficiency of baking tasks implementation by kitchens staff. And what is even more unacceptable for foodservice businesses, dirty sheet pan racks will affect product quality.

Thus, some cleaning practices are very common to avoid unpleasant consequences that can ruin your baking business. Since the racks used in food establishments is prone to accumulate food debris and particles, it is vital that personnel are aware of the following recommendations:

Effective scheduling:

To eliminate bad-tasting and poor-quality food, the daily washing is a must-have routine that kitchen personnel cannot ignore.

Skipping regular cleaning procedures can lead to outcomes such as wrong and unsavory taste, smell, or look of baked goods. Thus, there is a risk of losing your reputation.

Don’t forget about deep cleaning to be sure that everything works perfectly, and grime and grease won’t prevent the productive performance of kitchen staff.

Use eco-friendly commercial cleansers:

There are several strategies for achieving shiny effects and brand-new look while meeting all sanitation and health norms.

To get rid of grime and dirt you can apply a damp, soft cloth or a sponge for wiping a surface, or you can dunk bakery racks in a soapy solution of appropriate temperature. In case you want to use a commercial product instead of hot soapy water, make sure it is non-toxic.

All you need to do is to carefully spray the cleaning product onto the metal racks leaving for at least ten minutes. You can use such a tool as toothbrushes for rubbing a rack thoroughly in order to remove sticky dirt.

Baking soda as a safe cleaning agent:

Instead of purchasing some untested detergent you can try to apply vinegar and baking soda solution to wash away stubborn stains. Baking soda will effectively break down ugly spots and food particles. Moreover, it is a cost-saving natural cleaning product that won’t harm your budget, ecology, and the integrity of racks.


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