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Are Public Playgrounds Safe To Use?


We’re swiftly coming up to the six month mark since lockdown was officially put in place. Right now however, we’re all transitioning, albeit slowly, into a more normal way of life with social distancing very much being at the forefront.

So what’s the issue with playgrounds if we’re being actively encouraged to begin getting back to normal as long as we social distance?

Picture of a playground
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What’s The Issue?

Public playground equipment can be a harborer of germs and bacteria. They’re subject to rain, wind, dust and the numerous hands of multiple children and their parents.

Because of this, with the current climate and obvious concerns surrounding COVID-19, it’s only natural that parents should have some concerns as to the safety of public playgrounds and whether they can take their children at all. 

Part of the confusion surrounding this issue is the ability of this virus to spread and more specifically spread between children.

While there isn’t a great deal of clarity surrounding this subject, there has been some evidence to show that child-to-child transmission may not necessarily be as high as what we think.

In fact, the vast majority of children who get the virus are likely to get it from an adult.

The risk depends greatly on the adults believe it or not, and how they behave while their children are playing.

If the parents, grandparents and carers behave themselves while children are playing, the risk is greatly reduced.

If however, parents and guardians are mingling, avoiding social distancing guidelines then the risk is increased. 

It’s About Being Sensible

If a parent of a child is showing symptoms or simply feeling under the weather, then it’s likely a good idea for that adult and their children to stay away from the playground area in order to avoid spreading their germs.

Overall however, outdoor playgrounds, providing they don’t become too overburdened with people, are quite low risk in general.

If you’re still feeling a little uneasy, it’s worth looking at how you can minimise the risk for yourself. Here are just a few ways to help you reduce the risk and enjoy your time at the playground with your little ones:

  • Only allow one adult to accompany children to the park
  • Try to remind children not to touch their faces and remind them to sneeze or cough into a tissue
  • Wipe down any equipment that you use once you’ve finished with it, especially touch points such as monkey bars etc
  • Avoid using any equipment if another child or adult is close by
  • Encourage hand washing and use hand gel between different playground equipment
  • Ensure children don’t put their mouths on equipment
  • Ensure you as a parent/guardian keep your distance from other parents/guardians in the playground

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