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YODEL is investigating after a driver was filmed “urinating” on a street in front of passing cars, just metres from an unsuspecting man.

The courier was caught on camera appearing to relieve himself on a street in Coventry, West Midlands on Wednesday.

Yodel customer Tat Jana was waiting for her delivery at the time, when she filmed the driver ducking behind a car before he drove off, leaving behind a puddle of liquid.

She also caught the driver tossing parcels into the path of oncoming traffic as he attempted to sort his deliveries.

The first clip shows the courier stood in the street with dozens of parcels strewn across the floor.

He rummages around as he sorts, taking out packages and dumping them on the floor.

At one point, a car passes and narrowly avoids flattening the mass of boxes.

Delivery driver in street
The driver was seen readjusting his trousers after the event. (Image: Tat Jana)

The next video shows the driver packing up the boxes into his car.

He allows a woman and child to pass, before he leans against the vehicle and seems to begin relieving himself.

He looks around, but does not appear to spot the elderly man who is visible behind him and seems equally unfazed by a car that passes in front of him.

Eventually he moves away from the vehicle, slamming the passenger side door shut.

As he goes to get into the car, he is seen readjusting the crotch of his trousers.

He then gets in and drives away, leaving behind a wet patch which is seen trickling into the road in front.

A horrified Tat took to a Yodel complaints group to share her experience.

street with wet patch
There was a wet patch left where the driver had been . (Image: Tat Jana)

She posted the videos saying: “I was waiting for my package yesterday. Looked out the window so as not to miss” with angry emojis.

Her post has horrified fellow group members.

One woman wrote: “Ewwww nice, not.”

Another added: “What a dirty and disgusting article that driver is, tut.”

And one man said: “What the actual f***? So grim.”

Speaking today, Tat said: “I was in shock, people are waiting for their parcels and he throws them on the sidewalk.

Parcels in road
The courier also threw his parcels onto the street. (Image: Tat Jana)

“You can see him go to the toilet too.

“I saw him on Monday as well throwing parcels, I was worried he might have mine and break it so I took the video.

“Then I looked out the window yesterday and saw the same courier.”

A Yodel spokesman said:“We’re aware of an incident relating to one of our couriers. We take allegations of this nature extremely seriously and it does not reflect the values and behaviour we expect from our colleagues.

“We will be conducting a full investigation, and pending the outcome will take any appropriate action.”

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