Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Pix: TA Summer Exercise

Pic Katielee Arrowsmith/Deadline News

Territorial Army recruits drawn from 13 different units from across the UK have descended on Edinburgh this summer to undergo an intensive five-week basic training course as participants in

“Exercise Summer Challenge 2011.”

The exercise is taking place at Redford Cavalry Barracks in Edinburgh, with further training on nearby Castlelaw Ranges, and in the Pentland Hills. It runs until Sunday, 7 August 2011.

The majority of the 150 new recruits are training to join one of the Scottish TA units which together form 51 (Scottish) Brigade which has its headquarters in Stirling.

The exercise consists of a full-on five-week training syllabus encompassing weapons training, fitness, drill, navigation and more. They will also receive 1200 if they complete the course*!

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