Sunday, May 22, 2022
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OAP’s incite colourful sing-along on Edinburgh bus

The bus in full hearted song.

PASSENGERS on a night-time bus journey have shown the world that Scottish public transport is not just about the Big Man scrapping with a student.

After OAPs began an impromptu sing-song on the “notorious” number 30 through Edinburgh, the entire bus decided to have a party.

In raucous scenes uploaded to YouTube, pensioners and teenagers alike joined in a wild rendition of My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean. The link to the video can be found here.

And when the time came for the OAP who led the singing to get off, he was given a rock star’s send-off, shaking hands, back-patting, punching the air, and kissing fans.

As he leaves the bus, the OAP takes his plaudits from the crowd.

As the bus rolled through the city streets, the passengers sent sound levels even higher by singing to their hero the 70s Steam classic Na Na Hey Hey Kiss him Goodbye.

The video was posted by ‘mattahyndman’, who wrote on YouTube: “Old folk started singing on our bus in Edinburgh. The notorious number 30 nonetheless.

“This gentleman got the leaving celebration he deserved! LEG END. There have been too many negative videos – here’s a nice happy one.”

He adds: “Well it was just such a feel good experience – The bus driver was loving it!!”

Another user,  minniemynx, who travels on the Wester Hailes to Mussleburgh route regularly, wrote: “Brilliant, I get the thirty all the time, this has never happened.”

The ugly side of public travel in Scotland was shown in the notorious “Big Man” video on YouTube in which Alan Pollock was seen hauling student Sam Mains off a train.


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