Saturday, May 21, 2022
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M&S plan U-turn after backlash from parents over plastic packaging for their school uniform range

M&S are planning a U-turn following a backlash from parents over their excessive use of plastic packaging for school uniforms.

The high-end retailer have come under scrutiny from parents this week over their “unnecessary” use of plastic used in their school range.

Furious parents have been taking to social media to share images of the amount of packaging used for their children’s shirts, trousers and blouses.

Following the furore, Marks and Spencer today (thur) revealed they are reducing plastic packaging on their clothing range by 20%.

And, the retail giant have said they are testing out new packing for next year’s Back to School range.

Parents posted photographs of their school purchases from M&S this year, on Facebook, expressing how unimpressed they were.

On Monday Keren Hudson shared a photograph of a huge heap of cardboard and plastic used to package up shirts for her children.

Complaining to Marks and Spencer on their Facebook page, she wrote: “Eight school shirts. This much packaging?”

M&S commenting on the Facebook post

On the same day another disgruntled customer, Heather Richardson posted an image of her school uniform packaging, writing: “All this plastic just for three school shirts…

“Can you not make the collar guards and clips out of cardboard?”

Marks and Spencer responded to Heather’s complaint by saying: “Hi Heather. We’re passionate about reducing our use of plastic packaging and keeping it minimal.

“We use recyclable materials wherever possible and are currently committed to making all our packaging widely recycled by 2022. We’re also aiming to be zero waste by 2025.”

Michelle Robertson also shared snaps of her purchase and said even her daughter was shocked by the packaging.

She said: “Back to school shop yesterday, my 10 year old daughter was horrified at how much unnecessary plastic packaging was used in a pack of three school shirts.

“Please explain to her why it is needed because I am unable to answer her question.”

M&S launched their action plan in 2007 and have stated on their website that they have reduced the number of polymers used in their packaging from 11 in 2007 to four.

They have also set themselves a goal to only use plastic in our business where it has a clear and demonstrable benefit.

A spokesman for Marks & Spencer today said: “We’re working hard on plastic reduction, listening to customer feedback and making changes.

“We’re taking out around 20% of the plastic packaging used for our Clothing & Home products and testing new packaging for next year’s Back To School range.”

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