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News"Virgin!" Hilarious moment people of Glasgow see off fire and brimstone preacher

“Virgin!” Hilarious moment people of Glasgow see off fire and brimstone preacher

HILARIOUS video shows a fire and brimstone Christian preacher get short shrift when he tries to lecture the people of Glasgow.

One young boy is seen holding up a handwritten sign saying “Virgin” behind the back of the fundamentalist.

And when the bible basher shouts at a Hare Krishna parade, the participants drown him out with their music while onlookers cheer.

Proud residents of the city have claimed the footage proves the old advertising slogan that “People make Glasgow.” One wag commented: “Hare Krishna 2, Bible Basher 0”.

A young boy was seen holding this sign behind the preacher

The preacher, dressed in a black top with the slogans “Drunkeness leads to Hell” and “Repent Sinner”, rants at the crowd, several of whom yell back.

James Haldane was among those who filmed the scenes in Buchanan Street. He focuses on a boy, aged around 12, who is holding up a piece of paper behind the preacher bearing the word “Virgin”.

The kid then points at the sign which is now just a foot away from the preacher who appears to be ignoring it.

James posted his video on Twitter with the caption “People make Glasgow”.

Picture of the preacher om Buchanan street

Scottish TV Presenter Zara Janjua captured the preacher being interrupted by a Hare Krishna parade.

Their music, songs and dance drown out the preacher as the Glasgow crowd cheer for the approaching parade and disperse towards them.

The parade stop in front of the preacher and begin performing for the crowd.

The preacher can be heard shouting towards the Hare Krishna group.

He appears to shout: “You are the sons of aids! You are the devil!”

Both clips were warmly received on social media.


The preacher was then interrupted by a Hare Krishna parade

Referring to the boy’s sign, Aashman90 said: “Wee legend”.

MartioTweets added: “What a lad”.

Hughburgess wrote: “Aw man this guy plagues the streets of Edinburgh with his speeches too. Well done wee man”.

Referring to the Hare Krishna interruption, John McCormick said: “Final score, Hare Krishna 2, Bible Basher 0. Glasgow wins on points”.

Stevie Wann added; “You couldn’t really script it, sometimes comedy just rights itself! Love this”.

James Haldane today said the boy’s sign instantly made him laugh.

James said: “The preacher was basically saying everyone who drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes were sinners and belonged in Hell.

“So when I seen the lad with the sign I instantly started laughing”.

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