Family post video of crook placing GPS tracker on their car so he knows when to burgle their home


A FAMILY have shared shocking footage they claim shows a criminal place a tracker on their car – so he knows when it’s safe to burgle their home.

The clip, which was filmed in Manchester, shows a hooded man clamber underneath the car as it parked in the street.

After seeing the bizarre incident on CCTV, the owners then had the underside of the car checked and discovered the GPS tracker.

The devices are widely available for as little as £17 and are meant to be used by owners to track their own vehicles.

But Naheem Bustan revealed on Thursday that the trackers are being used for a much more sinister purpose.

He posted the video to socia media with the warning: “Beware. I have just seen someone put this tracking device underneath my brother’s car.

“This device is used by criminals to track your activity to know when you are not at home in order to rob your house.

The man appeared to be wearing a balaclava

“The police have confirmed this is a tracker. Share with friends and family.”

The video shows a man who appears to be wearing a balaclava walking towards a car.

The man then jogs around the back of the car and lies down on his back, and begins to crawl underneath the car.

The man was under the car for a total of 33 seconds placing the tracking device on the vehicle. The man can also be seen shining a light to help him see.

The man was under the car for more than 30 seconds

He then gets up from the ground and runs away from the car glancing backwards to make sure he wasn’t caught.

Naheem also posted a photo of the device which is black in colour and rectangular shaped. The device also has four studs sticking out one end.

Michael Whitehead said: “I’d put the tracker away from home and sit and wait for them to come on in and whack them so hard with a bat.”

Police confirmed that it was a tracking device

Hussnain Irshad added: “Na that’s mad.”

Naheem today said that police confirmed that the device was used for tracking.

Naheem said: “The item they stuck on to his car was a tracker (this was confirmed by the police) and I think it’s so they can keep track of when someone isn’t home.”