Horrifying moment motorist is pushed by Aldi lorry sideways on M6 for a mile


TERRIFYING footage shows a car being pushed sideways along a motorway for a mile after it collided with a supermarket lorry.

The driver claims he was rammed at 50mph on the M6 by an Aldi lorry.

Dashcam footage shows the car facing the central crash barrier as it is propelled along the motorway before being flung into the hard shoulder crash barrier.

The driver, who wants to be known only as Paul, was lucky to escape with whiplash and a knee injury in the accident on February 19 near Sandbach, Cheshire.

Paul’s wife, Helen Whittington, recently shared the footage on social media to complain that Aldi’s insurers were “dragging their heels” over paying the £6,364 bill.

Helen, who lives near Bristol, posted: “A driver for multi-million pound company, Aldi UK , crashed in to an unexpected driver then forced him sideways along the M6 for almost a mile as the driver ‘didn’t see him!’

“Have Aldi paid the insurance claim? NO!”

She added: “It has been decided that the car driver is not at fault, a settlement fee has been agreed yet Aldi’s insurance company are still yet to pay up!”

Paul is on an NHS waiting list to receive physiotherapy to treat his injuries and cannot afford to go private because of Aldi’s insurer’s failure to pay out.

Paul claims he was ploughed a mile down the M6 by the Aldi lorry. Image: Helen Whittington

The video shows Paul driving along at around 50mph as a lorry can be seen attempting to overtake before backing down.

Suddenly Paul’s car is swiped on to its side. Paul is then ploughed down the M6 for almost a mile at around 45mph before the Aldi truck driver realises what is going on.

When the vehicles finally separate, Paul’s car is slammed at speed into the crash barrier on the left hand side of the motorway.

The couple were able to go ahead with their wedding two months later but had to take out an extra credit card to meet the cost.

Paul is still yet to receive physiotherapy after the crash. Image: Helen Whittington

Tegan Perks responded online: “Serious?! What a f****** joke! Never mind that he could’ve been killed!”

Bill Halliday added: “Please share this and shame Aldi into paying up! Shockingly unprofessional of them.”

Helen said today: “My husband is now nervous around trucks when we are driving, is going to have to have physio for the injury to his knee and had whiplash at the time requiring three days off work.

“Paul is still waiting to start his physio as we cannot afford to go private so are waiting for an appointment with NHS physios. He is still therefore stiff and in pain.

“Financially we now have no savings, a maxed out credit card and low credit rating. Prior to the accident we had no credit card and a good credit rating.

Aldi are still processing the settlement payout to Helen and Paul. Image: Helen Whittington

“Our wedding and honeymoon had to be trimmed down to meet financial restraints due to using the savings to get a new car.”

Helen has shared screenshots of her Twitter messages with Aldi UK were they appear to acknowledge the damage caused to Paul’s car.

Aldi said: “After contacting our transport department they have confirmed our insurance company have made contact with your insurance and provided all of the information required.”

It is believed Aldi are still looking into the incident.

An Aldi insider said: “Aldi don’t have anything to add in terms of a statement, but can confirm that the settlement is currently being processed by their insurer.”