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NewsBizarre clip shows "pleb" lie on bonnet in 'crash for cash' attempt

Bizarre clip shows “pleb” lie on bonnet in ‘crash for cash’ attempt

BIZARRE video shows the moment a man hurls himself onto a car in a suspected ‘crash for cash’ attempt.

The clip shows the man stumbling across the road as the slow moving car stops, before he lies down across the bonnet.

He then slumps to the ground as bemused onlookers watch on.

The incident happened on Chapel Street in Luton, Bedfordshire, and was uploaded to Alamin Chowdhury’s Facebook on June 23.

The man can be seen eyeing up his target. Image: Alamin Chowdhury

The post was captioned: “Accident on Chapel Street loool.”

The clip shows a man slowly move towards a silver car and can be seen eyeing up the vehicle as he prepares flop on the bonnet.

The car stops to ensure they are not moving as the man takes his opportunity to fall back first on the bonnet.

He then lies on the car for five seconds before sliding down the vehicle and laying on the ground in a dramatic fashion.

The man then just lies on the road motionless as the car can be seen stationary by the man.

The clip was also uploaded to the Facebook page ‘The Yorkshire Bible’ where many have commented on the bizarre incident.

Jayne Wilson said: “Best actor award goes to the dude in black.”

Jake Stanford added: “Just run him down for f*** sake.”

The man lies on the bonnet for over five seconds. Image: Alamin Chowdhury

Bec Wilson wrote: “What a f****** pleb.”

This comes after a man threw himself on the bonnet of a car in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire earlier this year.

Dash cam footage shows how the man deliberately threw himself onto Ryan Johnson’s car as he was driving around 30mph in a residential street.

Bedfordshire Police confirmed there were called out to the incident and the man declined medical attention.

A spokeswoman said: “We were called on Sunday (23 June) at around 2pm to a report of concern for welfare for a man in Chapel Street, Luton.

“The ambulance service also attended and spoke with the man who declined medical attention and then left the scene.”

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