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Best betting tips for football parlay bettors


There is hardly any bettor out there who doesn’t parlay. Although it is a strategy common amongst low-stakes punters, rich bettors sometimes find it exciting to combine their wagers too. Parlay is such a great betting tool that gives you the opportunity to multiply your possible winnings instantaneously.

But, of course, parlays are not without their risks. If anything, it is one of the riskiest kind of bet anyone can play. While it does multiply your odds and increase your potential winning, it also raises your risks too. Little wonder why it is so hard for many low stakes bettors to win millions, despite their lifelong efforts with parlays.

The reason why parlay is so difficult to win is that to win a parlay bet, all your predictions will have to be correct. That is, if you add, say, ten games into your parlay bet, then all the games will have to happen as you’ve predicted. Except if you’re playing your parlay bets with sites like ibet44 – where players are allowed a one-game parlay cut – if any of your predictions were to come out wrong, you would lose the entire parlay.

A one-game parlay cut means that if all but one of your predictions were right, your parlay would still stand, and you won’t lose the entire parlay.

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Tweak your style of parlay

Every low-stake bettor knows that in order to increase the amount of money they’re likely to win through a parlay, they have to add as many wagers as possible to their parlay. Due to this fact, many punters source for games to add to their parlay from different leagues and countries. 

For example, a regular low-stake punter would source for football games from multiple countries like England, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, and others. Even though he doesn’t understand how all these leagues work, he would still gamble on games from there, with the hope that his predictions would come out right.

This is a very bad practice!

When you’re building soccer parlays, it is very important to stick to betting on games happening in leagues that you know and already follow. And if you feel the need to diversify into other leagues, you should create time to learn about the league, and if possible, you should start following it.

Remember, all it takes to lose an entire parlay is just one prediction. It wouldn’t make sense for you to predict accurately up to nine games and still end up losing the parlay because you chose to add just one more game from a league you know little of.

High-risks bets are no friends of parlay

It is enough that you’re adding multiple wagers into your parlay, you shouldn’t push your luck to the wall by adding high-risk bets. Although it is normal to look for ways to expand your parlays, you don’t want to look in the direction of these kinds of bets. Usually, high-risks bets are those bets that come with higher odds, talk of odds in the range of 2.0 and above. At all costs, try to avoid them. As much as you want to have so many picks in your parlay, you should stick with low-risks games, that is, games that have higher tendencies of happening.

Draw No Bet

Most top soccer sportsbooks, like taruhan bola ibet44, will offer a draw no bet market. Also known as the 2-way moneyline, this market offers a moneyline with two options to bet on: Team A or team B. Adding these bets to a parlay is similar to adding standard bets on the match results, but they come with slightly better odds.

Most of the soccer betting featured at online sportsbooks will feature a 3-way moneyline market for every match, giving you three options to bet on. The odds in this market are split between bets on include team A, Team B, and an option for betting on a tie – this is also known as a 1×2 bet.

When betting the Draw No Bet market, you only get a choice between either team winning. If the teams tie, your bet is nullified, so you don’t win anything, but you get your original wager back, as though it never happened. Since there’s no way to bet on a tie in the DNB market, it gives you a slight odds boost when compared to the 3-way market.

Limiting parlay picks to either team winning also means that bets made on a team winning in a match that ends in a tie will be pushed. On a four-bet parlay, if you have one DNB and that match ends in a tie, that part of the bet is void. If the rest of the matches on your soccer parlay end as predicted, it’ll pay out like a three-bet parlay.

Both Teams to Score Market (BTTS)

To take advantage of the best odds instead of just hedging your bets, try markets aside from the outright winner markets. The Both Teams to Score market is another really popular soccer betting market, and it can turn out to be much easier to predict than outright winners.

That’s especially true if you have more than one match between some of the top-scoring teams, like the EPL’s Manchester City and Liverpool. The chances of both teams scoring at least one goal during their matches are much higher because those clubs have some of the world’s best strikers.

Now, imagine a weekend with matchups between EPL teams like Tottenham and Manchester City or MLS teams like LAFC and Toronto. All four teams are known for their ability to rack up goals. The potential payout from a big BTTS parlay could be huge whenever the top scoring teams in soccer face each other during the same weekend.

For a safe soccer parlay bet, stick to bets on matchups between some of the top-scoring teams in their leagues. The BTTS market has great parlay potential as long as you’re betting on matchups between top-scoring teams.