Greater Manchester Police referred to professional standards branch over footage showing them “intimidating” teen


GREATER Manchester police have been referred to their professional standards branch after a video emerged showing more than 12 officers “intimidating” a teenager.

The incident, which took place in Newton Heath, saw five police vehicles turn up to deal with the boy, who was detained but then released as part of a stop and search.

The interaction was caught on camera by local witness Chloe Seale, 36, who says police acted like “the mob” and at one point had the young lad by the throat.

The scene has prompted outrage from social media users who have accused the police of “bullying” as well as expressing concern after one officer was filmed spitting on the ground.

As the clip begins, three officers are seen pushing the boy’s head against some metal shutters.

A fourth then puts his hand on the man’s chest as several other officers mill around nearby.

The three officers then begin dragging the teen away towards one of the five police vehicles that arrived on the scene.

As he is taken away, one of the police men hanging near the back is filmed spitting on the ground.

The three officers then begin dragging the teen away towards one of the five police vehicles that arrived on the scene.

The police then try to bundle him into the back of the van and a siren is heard in the background, with further officers walking onto the scene.

Throughout officers can be heard shouting “get down” at the boy.

Chloe took to social media to share the incident, posting pictures and video with the caption: “All this for one teenager smoking a spliff outside the cafe while waiting for his bacon butty.

“Absolute joke. The amount of police I thought something serious was going on.”

Many on social media felt the same.

Lexie Rio said: “I’m fuming seeing how they handled him.”

Isaac Lindsay commented: “They are bored, flying round mob handed. Throwing their weight around. Sad if you think about it.”

And Kirstie Porter wrote: “That officer just spat on the floor as well, sure that’s criminal damage or some s**t its f*****gross is what it is.

“Talk about spreading germs and self isolating, looks like a gathering to me

Speaking today, Chloe accused the officers of acting “like the mob”.

She said:  “The young lad was stood with his friend and they were smoking.

“The police said it was a spliff, but the other lad ran off so I’m not sure if I’m honest.

“Within minutes more and more police showed up, intimidating the young lad.

“He was being respectful towards them, the next minute they grabbed him. He panicked, so more grabbed hold of him and slammed him into the shutters.

“One of the policemen had him by his throat at one point, then they took him to the van still shouting and swearing  at him.

“One officer spat and correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure I could be fined for spitting in the street.

“The police are never around when you actually need them, but when two young boys aren’t causing a problem they show up like the mob and bully them.

“It’s not on and the bullying has to stop. People are becoming afraid of the police because of their behaviour.”

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said the incident has now been placed under review.

A GMP spokesman said: “Shortly before 12.05pm on Saturday 16 May 2020, police on a routine patrol of the Newton Heath area attempted to execute a stop and search under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

“One male fled the scene on foot, prompting officers to request back up.

“A second male was detained. He has been released and faces no further action.

“This incident has been referred to GMP’s Professional Standards Branch.”

The decision comes a few weeks after the force were referred to the same branch after footage emerged showing police tasering a man in front of his young child.